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  1. I went there once for a sincle 3 inch from the headers back and a 40 series he wanted 480 There on crack up there
  2. Choppo did my 3 trucks and my old firebird does great work But i think his shop moved and its a mexican tire place ??? Heard the new shops by hotrod hill
  3. Was t shirts , now's it about how jill doesnt do anything at work
  4. This coming from a lady that sits in a a/c building on myspace and ddr all day on the computer pushing print and handing out tickets haha . i start at 6 but some of us actually have to work when were there its not computer time for me
  5. The worst of all are those damn scale house girls
  6. Effin teamsters Its all about local 12
  7. he will sell it in like a month
  8. A good tip is to leave em at home
  9. i had a guy try and sell me a truck and a bunch of survey equiopment last week at work , said it was a powerstroke . hope it wasnt one of your guy's trucks . He was in a old busted a$$ ford
  10. i have em on my 06 trx 450r , i love them , get the 21's if you decide to get them
  11. Ha ha nope , but youll be seeing it at dumont presidents weekend . Its my moms she races it in the hill climbs and sand drags Thanks A RAmcharger DUH
  12. I noticed how alot of you guys complain about the people who drink out at comp. Im willing to put money on it most of you have a few beers or drinks wile your out there. So there drinking and having a good time so are you guys . So how can you say there a problem if your doing the same . Yeah i know most of you may not get wasted . But then again your still there drinking . So is this a "DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO " Type deal or what ?
  13. Just got done putting a 1 ton dana 60 in the rear and 60 up front , got some mickey thompson beadlock classic 2's for it and 38x14.50-16 toyo mt's on it looks sick , post pics in the morning
  14. Any one hear anything about the rock craw comp this weekend?????
  15. Go to the caterpillar dealer and get a master shut off switch , then just run your battery cables to it , then no one will have a key to turn the power on inless there a heavy equipment operator , alot cheaper fix then buying another rhino .
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