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Sand buddy

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  • Birthday 12/14/1958

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    Mike Paholsky
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    Late 70's Fibertech sand car-turbo Corvair
    New car is a long travel BDS blown 4.3L. Unknown who the chassis maker is at this time.
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    Apple Valley, Ca
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    Service manager @Rancho Chevy
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    Anything sand

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  1. Sand buddy

    New Years Weekend looking chilly

    Testing and tuning another car that broke a valve on his last run. Still should be a good weekend. Gotta get cold sometime.
  2. Sand buddy

    New Years Weekend looking chilly

    We're going out cold or not......even a cold day is a good day on the sand.
  3. Sand buddy

    New Years Weekend


    Who's coming out. I'll be there. Look for the huge Winnebago and the blown 4.3 car.
  4. Sand buddy

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    What a great day. I was only able to be there Saturday but had a great time. Can't wait until next year.
  5. Sand buddy

    6th Annual Buggy Roundup

    Great!! See ya soon.
  6. Sand buddy

    6th Annual Buggy Roundup

    If people are coming out early let us know the condition of the sand. The sky is falling here in Victorville.
  7. Sand buddy

    6th Annual Buggy Roundup

    I'll be there around 8 Saturday morning.
  8. Sand buddy

    What's new for you next season?

    Mike from Idaho Dunes RV has a all new event in June for the older buggies and new ones. Would be great to get a group of people
  9. Sand buddy

    What's new for you next season?

    I am planning on being there. Halloween first and all the bugs will be gone. Then Roundup and we'll see from there. You should plan a trip to St. Anthony dunes. The best in the US
  10. Sand buddy

    What's new for you next season?

    Run went great. A little hick up but overall ran great.
  11. Sand buddy

    What's new for you next season?

    This was a rear engine car but summer turn around. Mid-engine. See ya Halloween
  12. Sand buddy

    Mazzone Who Know's ??

    Remove that front panel. Under it should be a plate with is name on it.
  13. Sand buddy

    MLK Weekend 2018: Jan 13-15

    I'll be there. Looking forward to a great weekend and good duning. New Years was peaceful and let the "w" blow from now until then.....
  14. Sand buddy

    New Year's Weekend: Ringing in 2018 at Dumont

    Should be out for a day run Saturday. I'll put another run in the books
  15. Sand buddy

    Buggies Take Over Dumont Dunes for Buggy Roundup 5

    What a great weekend. The sand was great, people awesome and weather fantastic. See ya next year.