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Mechanic At Trinity Racing " Richard"

Manuel Raptor

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All I can say is Mr. McDermott is a rarity in today's business climate.

I wish him and his business all the luck in the future.

One more thing........since Manuel doesn't need your help, can I use his credit to re-do my RZ-350 mill??? :grin: :grin:

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Good business guy he is...

Building fast bikes they dont!!

IF you do your research you can find small garages with great mechanics that show you the results not report them..

With the cash flow and resources that trinity has ,if they listened to the small guy once in a while, they could be in the winning circle more often, but I am sure they prefer bigger & better business ventures than the ones me and other drag race hearted & mx racers are involved in.

Just my 2 cents! Got to keep it real..

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Update: I have been getting calls from Richard almost everyday now. He has said that he would pay half of my bill at the shop thats fixing my quad. He also said he is getting the full exhaust for me that all he is waiting for is a part or two. This according to Richard will happen this week before I go to Glamis.


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maybe Richard learned a lesson......not to screw over a fellow off roader.............especially when working for a big name in the off road business.

good job on sac'n up Richard. Everyone makes mistakes. Its the ones that learn from their mistakes that become better people. The people that continuously never learn from their mistakes eventually wind up dead, or in jail :thumbsdown::dayum:

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