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So since these cars were made I have wanted one . Every time I have had the chance to get one something would always come up and push it back . Well it finally happened , I have bought and now own my 2004 Svt Cobra Mustang ! I got lucky and found a bone stock one , that's actually harder than you think , but anyway its a one owner car bought new back in 04 buy a older man who decided to trade it on for more of a family car for the grand kids ! It has 89k miles on it and super clean ! i was able to pick this car up for 19,000.00 wich is a really good deal considering it should have sold for around 25,000 ! I started doing some research on it and was able to find out that in 2004 there were 5,664 cobras made , thats all colors , coups and verts , out of that 551 were metallic silver coups and out of that 227 are the interior package that I have ! So im down to knowing that I have 1 of 227 cobras made in 2004 ! And just for you that dont really know what these cars are they are a 4.6 supercharged mustang nick named the terminator ! they were only made for 2 years 03 and 04 !





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shes stock right now but i did do a dyno run and she put 350.24 hp to the tire ! but ive got some friends with some extra parts off of theres and if all goes as planed by the end of next month i should dyno ruff about 550 hp to the tire

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thakx guys glad you like her cant say my wife has the same feelings about it lol ! i hear what your saying though this car is just way to much fun to drive , i get lost in the winding of the supercharger all the time and i come to and realize im over 100 mph and have to slap my self and say calm down lmao

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