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ls1 in samarai


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It was bound to happen. The sammy motor has been flogged at the dunes since 2007. Ironically it still runs fine.. The alternator apparently died and the water pump started dripping, so insteadof dropping money into it.....its getting swapped. I do a lot of lsx swaps...a lot, so I have lots of take out parts, and accessorisies. So, fast forward to thanksiving, my wife says she wants it to look better....cause some people think it doesnt look that good when shes down on vendors row. (rude comments). and yea it hasnt been loved....but its probably pulled out 30 trucks and trailers, and probably 60 various toys stuck in the sand over the years, so its been pretty functional.

Theres no going back now....I pulled it apart...for mock up...I have an aluminum 5.7 and Im gonna run a truck intake (more torque) and truck water pump. Behind it will be a th400.....looks like. A shorty glide was a possibility but due to cost and already having a few th400's....It look like Im moving the transfer case back. Looks easy so far......as long as I keep it to 6 inches or less. To have front axle to oil pan clearence the motor is going in high....so the entire tunnel gets cut out and re fabbed. My wie wants a new dash as well. So since its gonna be tore down....Im rhino lining the entire thing, inside and out. (I have my own system). The rear seats are going to a bench...to make the rangers happy to carry 5 people and the front seats are getting covered..

Heres it with the front end off...and the ls1(mock up block) just set in to see what gets cut.....

Because I have plenty of truck intakes and its worth power over the lower car intake and the access are different.....its best both cost and function to us the truck stuff.....but the hood will be cut......but then everyone will know its not a I4 anymore. The idea is to have it pull things out better(more power) and dune easier. No more shifting, just put it in gear and go. And with 300 hp it should be able to traverse any hill....pretty easy. itll sill be run in 4 low to keep speed down.



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the rusty thing to left in the picture is the battery mount.....on we trip we were jumping it...and went back to camp....it wouldnt start, and found out that the battery was lost....and the cables.....and I got a ear full from my wife about it...so it got a new batery mount and hold down that would survive with the c*ck roaches after the nuclear halocost....

btw its gonna be red....with a black cage...now

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