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Where is BOB


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  • 1 year later...

The last thing I heard was bob was kidnapped by purple sand ninjas, stripped naked tied to a chair and forced to

listen to Justin Bieber for 27 straight days. while watching peep videos and miley cyrus. Which caused him to completely lose his mind. and turned his hair gray. he looks like Gandolph the gray after a 3 day rave party on ecstasy and Sailor Jerrys.

While all this was going on Obama snuck in, stole his wallet, and emptied his bank account. He now hides in the only tree in New berry springs. and sells oranges on the side of the freeway out at goffs road. and boxes hobos for the last drink in a bottle of ripple.

he is now scared of pastey skinney white chicks who eat peeps and listens to beiber. If you go to newberry springs to the only tree in town and hear the "muskrat love" song that means he is home.

that's all I know ............................

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