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How to crash in the sunset at Dumont


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Copy n paste if above link gets sticky. (oh and sorry about the sh#t angle, next ones are much better)

First trip of the year to DD, first day, first ride, first time trying out GP on the sand. I was having so much fun but maybe a little too much, crusing up a great dune until the changing light got the better of me! That resulted in a nice 20 foot launch to uphill landing, luckily I let go and rolled off to the right for a clean exit. Bike was fine too. First "over the falls" crash for me. Sand is soft.... :rockon:

Might as well include a quick ride report from last week Jan 6-7th:

So Great to be back in the Sand! I was a bit bummed that my buddies flaked last minute, but I had an awesome time and met some new riding friends. Tested out the go pro, after getting the angle correct, so much fun and helpful to combat boredom at camp. It....was.....bumpy.....! Sheez, I guess I've been spoiled in the two years I've been going out to DD. This was by far the bumpiest, tracked out like 5 hours after opening on a powder day at Mammoth! It really made for those special moments when ya do find soft fresh sand! Mostly in the east dunes!

Also saw a military convoy of some sort along 127 in the middle of the night, a B2 (Stealth) with large white 4 turbine plane right next to it flying a practice refueling mission? Did an arch right over my camp, wish the video could have gotten a better image. Damn those Stealths are huge!!

Weather was great, little chilly at night but still in the 40's. Glad I brought the whiskey.

Next miss is next week!!! With buddies!!

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