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Congrats!! Sorry you couldn't make it out last weekend. But there will be many more trips to come. 

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A few more updates 



transmission cooler in. Got a different pulley from cbm for the tensioner.  Helped to put a shorter belt on and now the belt doesn’t rub itself. 03789412-A6FD-4E10-AA98-C3B1D911FD78.thumb.jpeg.468c85ee2689e21f1562f8ea9cb0931b.jpeg


Radiator mounted and lines hooked up. I had to make a short hose for suction on the quick change oil line. The fitting I had in there hit the skid pan so it had to go.


Got fluids all in. 


Limit straps done done in the rear. 9D648354-AE2A-40CD-9198-EBE6A604F4FE.thumb.jpeg.bc48cadb8754dafee190b642522814fc.jpeg53F82CDB-C08A-414E-AD2A-3D18944AF21C.thumb.jpeg.2286043acf07bca2570ae7932816bbb4.jpeg


Seats all in. Panels on. All shocks on and charged with nitrogen. With these headers the spark plug wires no longer hit. So that’s something I didn’t have to change in the end. 



I had to fight like crazy to get the air bled out of the cooling system. Got it though. The car uses 5/8” studs instead of 1/2”. So I had to drill out the pro comp wheels. Man was that a job. I don’t have a mill, so I had to rig up a way to do it in the drill press. Finally got it. Took the better part of the day just to do that. 


Got in a little seat time around the yard. Feels good. 


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I did get out to the sand. We went to Gordon’s for New Years. 


I had some issues though. Car was overheating real bad. Got stuck 3 times. Throttle was sticking and while trying to get that sorted broke the gas pedal in half. Front wheel bearings were to tight. I think that may have been a big contributor to the overheating.

Fan shroud was to tight to the radiator not allowing the fans to pull air across the whole thing. I made a cardboard spacer that helped a lot but ultimately I think the radiator is to small. I ordered a new one to replace it. 

After getting all that corrected I got to take a short cruise around in the dark the night before we left. It felt like a new car but still hard to tell. So hopefully I can get some decent dune time on it now. I only burned 5 gallons of gas the whole trip. I can’t wait to run more through it. 


On on the way home I dropped the car at cbm. They are going to put a color screen AEM dash in it. I was thinking of switching to throttle by wire but that required a new computer and a few other things pushing the cost way up. So I will have to get the cable working better. They are going to add O-2 sensors and give a new tune on the dyno. It might have been slightly lean adding to the overheating issue. We shall see. 

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It's all part of building a new car. You'll get the bugs worked out. It had to feel good to at least get out and drive it though!


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Oh yeah definitely. I was impressed with how the car worked. Suspension cycling was good for out of the box. I never even grabbed a wrench for the bypasses. It can use some tuning on that but for the seat time I got it was working nice. 


The thing didn't slide as good as I expected. The red car I drove slid the rear much easier. It was running a wider paddle. I'm sure that had a lot to do with it. I might change them out, but for now I just want to get some more seat time before doing that. 

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Yep, tire has pretty much everything to do with that. :thumb:


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