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14th Annual Dumont Dunes Cleanup


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Well it's been two years since I've been to Dumont due to a health condition that arose and I believe I'm recovered enough to give it another go. Thinking this might be the perfect weekend to try Dumont back on for size. Won't be slinging the mighty DS730 around anymore as I lost use of my right arm, had to go to one of them there RZR thing-a-ma-jiggys with a steering wheel. I know I can't hang on one of the awesome ElPresidente led rides but if anybodyis going to be out there doing some gentleman cruises through the dunes I would be interested in joining in.

Another determining factor in not heading to Dumont was the condition of Kelbaker Road between Kelso and Baker. It was so effed up that it made the drive unbearable. I hear they were going to repair/replace that stretch and was just wondering if anybody on here has been that route recently? Would really like to attend this event but don't want to beat me or the equipment to death.

Appreciate any input and look forward to seeing you guys back out there again.

Edit, found this info: http://www.nps.gov/moja/current-conditions.htm

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Well I guess it goes without saying that with the lack of interest in this event that there won't be any vendors out there this weekend...

I remember back in the day when this was a fairly large event with lots of support and participation. Should be rolling in around noon tomorrow.

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Yeah Ace it was a big deal for the twelve years that FoDD put the event on. But when the new BLM manager came in she decided she didn't need our help and didn't want to spend any BLM employees time or our fee demo money to provide lunch. Our turnouts used to range into the several hundred which is big for a small middle of BFE area. It took a lot of work but we all enjoyed putting the event on. Unfortunately times change and she took the fun right out of it. I still appreciate that users still want to go clean up Dumont but it's not ever going to be the same because they won't put the massive time into it that we did to make it a highlight of the year event.

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