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Dive Bar Casanova

Coffee and hot drinks at the Dunes

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We were simply using instant for years. 

The Juan Valdez our favorite but hard to find or sold out. 


More and more duners we know just use the old school percolators. Good coffee that method. 


The Starbux instant now tastes like it has a gasoline residual. 

Keurig caught my eye at the GMC waiting room free coffee dealio. Got to try how easy it is and the different blends. 




What the hey, COSTCO had Keurigs on sale. Talking around I heard don’t get the cheapie, go up a few models. 


So I bought the discounted deluxe Keurig and the gigantic case of multi flavors and taste blends also on sale. 

Works good, takes the Honda 2200 to full throttle for about a minute,  good to go. 


The house brand Donut Shop from Kroger (Vons, Ralph’s , Food King) is cheap and often a 2 for one deal. 

Tastes great. 

Hot coco and salted caramel dealios for it too. 


What do you do for coffee? 

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I use an old skool Mr Coffee that makes the full pot with Peet's coffee. Not not just because my name is Pete. 😆 It's good coffee.  We have a Kuerig at home though. It makes most sense. I have been thinking of getting the a small Kuerig for the hauler just because my wife stopped drinking coffee. On the other hand it's one of those things I don't really need. Seems there are many things like that these days. The frugal part of me keeps telling me to use the ole skool Mr Coffee. As far as the Kuerig goes, even at home we don't use those K cups. They produce alot of unnecessary plastic waste. We use the reusable cup that you fill with your own grounds. We try to do our part little by little. 🌲🌎 🙂

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I have a one cup "dorm style"  coffee maker. I am the only one who drinks coffee, so it doesn't make any sense to have a big pot of coffee for one. For Cocoa and Hot Buttered Rums, I use your standard tea pot to boil water.


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