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  1. Awesome I appreciate it I'm not sure he was the guy with the broken trailer but with all the people there I was a bit hard to find but was able to fix quite a few people's stuff had a great time thank you I'll be there Thanksgiving too but my phone doesn't seem to work too well to get to Facebook or the internet but I'll be there just come by bathroom 10
  2. Unexpected breakage happens sometimes I have welded up two trailers now that would have been flat out dangerous driving back on a two-lane road just glad I've been able to help
  3. I bring welding equipment with me 220 TIG machine and mig and gas hydraulic press and some tubing I camp by bathroom 10 look for the orange flag on the trailer
  4. Finally had some time to make some flags they seem to be working pretty good
  5. Maybe head up to Coral pink instead
  6. I would lean towards the Yamaha good all-around vehicle but you don't have belt issues and I have a turbo RZR but the Yamaha seems like less maintenance less breakage may not be the fastest in stock form what does everything it should and from what I see they don't hurt the pocketbook much
  7. Thinking of doing custom Flags I just did this one I can put photos on the flag 12 by 18 Flags what do you guys think would it work you think people would want them
  8. Awesome okay just found it it's the warehouse at 1900 West Sahara thank you
  9. I got my E85 off the 15 there in Vegas at a rebel Arco gas station is out of the pump as good as getting a drum from Rebel anybody know
  10. Thank you to all the people involved was replacing the North Pole you guys did a great job
  11. Yes there is a fee to camp and I believe there is a ticket booth at the entrance where you can purchase a pass as far as your paraglider you would have to call the BLM in Barstow to clarify if you can fly but I see them out there all the time
  12. Jim was the best guy you could ever know always there to lend a hand he loved the dunes he was a retired stuntman and worked on the stages in Vegas oh man the people he met and the stories he had he will be missed
  13. My number is 909-312-1545 if you're not on the picture I'm not giving you the phone
  14. Maybe just register it in Nevada and get a title it's all done through the mail for off-road vehicles just use a friend's address in Nevada
  15. It's been proven the faster you go the smoother it is but slow is safe to
  16. So why did they shut them down it did not look Rowdy or out of control whatsoever
  17. Anybody going out there I'm thinking of going
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