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barefoot bob

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door knob turns slowly as audible click is heard then squeeling of door as it opens. the barefooted one sticks his head in and says "HI ". then quickly slams the door and runs away ........................................

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I think there is something brewing. I think someone is missing the dunes in a very bad way............
and i think he is not alone .

I will contemplate this with a bottle of gin on the lawn chair of WOE !

as in WOE WOE WOE i fell out of the lawn chair , WOE WOE WOE PETE FELL OUT OF HIS LAWN CHAIR !! Gotta love Gin !!

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1 hour ago, CaptNkllm said:

ButtcrackBob way to make an entrance lol.. Maybe we do a Reuinion of sorts like Starsky and Hutch or Maybe Wonder Women is more your speedo's


Or was it Chips Patrol? What do you think Ponch?

3 amigos baby all day everyday I can feel it. if things hold together . we could see a resurgence. was just on the phone with James for the last hour reviewing builds ................................
you would need to come down so i can sit in the chair and quarter back .................... lmao

o no Dave got a flat ,, o no Bob is stuck , o no James got stuck pulling bob. o no were supposed to back for breakfast !!! now what ? LMAO 🤣😱

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more to say
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