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Season Closing Trip Report : April 23-25, 2021


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Well the season has officially come to a close for us. It has been quite the rollercoaster of a month for me. So I'll quickly fill you in on my buggy motor drama. The short version is this. I have been chasing a low power/pinging issue with my car since last season. Two trips ago the motor went south as the rings were burned up (tons of blow by and low compression). I basically finished it off after 11 hard years of duning and I found out the timing belt had jumped time one tooth. That was my problem all along. Then I replaced the motor and went back out a few weeks ago only to blow the new motor up! I think I had a wastegate issue, it overboosted to 12+ psi and it it went boom. It put three holes in the block. I found another motor and thrashed to get it in and running. So this was our last trip of the season unless we blow this thing up again! lol I am been super stressed to get it done and all the bugs worked out because were going to St Anthony this summer. Finally after all these years!


Anyways, here's my trip report. 


We arrived Friday night. The weather was awesome. We downed what seemed like 100 beers around the fire until the W switch flipped around midnight or so. We knew the weather was gonna suck, but we I had no other choice in the matter. I needed to get some time on this damn car!








We set our alarms to get up Saturday morning and get out before the wind. Well, there was no such thing. We were up, but the wind was already howling. I went to fire my car up and it didn't start. My head is pounding from the previous night's bad decisions and now I gotta diagnose why half my fuse block has no power. lol I finally figured it out. It was a broken solder joint on a power feed. I got it fixed up and we headed out in an attempt to do a dune run. The dunes were so razored out and the sand was just flying off the dunes making it impossible to dune any kind of line. So I just sort of skirted around the outside of the south end and then found some "lines" in the dunes toward the north pole. It wasn't too bad out there but it was breezy for sure. 





20210424_092144.jpg 20210424_092116.jpg




Driving back to camp was pretty miserable. I wasn't sure I was even going to be able to put my car under a load in 3rd gear at this point because we had to drive so slow. The dunes were basically summer dunes. There were so many razorbacks and sketchy spots. Our normal lines were screwed. 


Back at camp we spent several hours inside waiting and hoping we'd get a break. It wasn't looking good.



About 2 PM it finally calmed down a little bit and we headed back out. 




I found out only one of my fans was working so we went back to camp so I could fix it. It ended up being another bad connection near the fuse box. It was an easy fix but then the W came back on strong again! Damn it. 


Finally around 6:00 it was absolutely gorgeous. We got a full, solid dune run in and stopped in the dunes to enjoy the peace and quiet. We had the place all to ourselves and the views were awesome!








We ran into some friends on Sunset Hill before going back to camp. Gotta love Jason's shirt! haha








Back at camp the weather was still great. I was finally able to relax knowing the car ran good and was fixed. 



Sunday we slept in, relaxed, and drank mimosas. 






On the way out this little dude bid us a farewell until next season!





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8 hours ago, Crusty said:

Good write up, hope you get the motor sorted out for SA

It is sorted out! lol It ran great. 

3 hours ago, tmerrell said:

Great Report Pete glad the car is good to go and see you in Idaho 


Looking forward to it. 

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