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Purchase Passes through Recreation.gov

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It looks like we will be able to purchase Passes through Recreation.gov now (link below). I followed the link and under the "Need to Know" section it clearly states that both Weekly and Annual Passes are available but I could only find weekly passes to purchase. Maybe Annual Passes will become available soon. In any case, I think this is great news. 


LINK: https://www.recreation.gov/activitypass/e210305d-b769-11eb-87ed-16dbf55c498d

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8 hours ago, SandBox_Kid said:

Thanks for the info, but that is posted on the main home page 😉:



Welp! I feel stupid. That's what I get for sticking to the forum side only. Gonna have to check the news section more often. Thanks.

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So here is what you can do if you purchased a pass through recreation.gov and they sold you a pass with the incorrect (last years) dates.

Per the BLM, all season passes receipts will be honored and exchanged for the 2022-2023 season. They are still trying to figure out the system. No need to worry about a refund. As long as you have your receipt that you paid through recreation.gov, BLM will exchange for a hard copy season pass at the gate.

For those who have not purchased a season pass but plan to buy yours through recreation.gov, I would wait until October 1st to purchase. Hard copy season passes will still be available through off-site vendors sometime over the next few weeks.

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