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  1. I am speechless. I barely know what to type. The Little Dunes camping area and a bunch of dunes are just gone. That hurts. Thank you Sandblower for the time and effort put into this...
  2. Thank you everyone for all the updates! Fingers crossed the roads will be passable soon. Also, did anyone happen to see how bad the Little Dunes were? Camping area and the duning area (The picture above doesn't fully show those things)?
  3. Thank you! Been wondering about this. Hopefully the 127 gets fixed before the season starts.
  4. The road is 100% complete now? Or are there a few small things left? Thanks for the update!
  5. G4NON

    BLM ?

    You have to be persistent and catch them at just the right time. I spoke with them today about purchasing a season pass physically from their office and the person I spoke with said they aren't selling them from their office and wasn't sure if that will change.
  6. Guess I better not let the buggies take all the glory. 😉
  7. Oh wow, glad I didn't buy one yet. Hope they sort that situation out.
  8. It looks like they have updated the site to include the season pass options. I have not done it yet so I don't know if it will complete your transaction.
  9. Welp! I feel stupid. That's what I get for sticking to the forum side only. Gonna have to check the news section more often. Thanks.
  10. It looks like we will be able to purchase Passes through Recreation.gov now (link below). I followed the link and under the "Need to Know" section it clearly states that both Weekly and Annual Passes are available but I could only find weekly passes to purchase. Maybe Annual Passes will become available soon. In any case, I think this is great news. LINK: https://www.recreation.gov/activitypass/e210305d-b769-11eb-87ed-16dbf55c498d
  11. "There was one small camp with tents" When you gotta dune, you gotta dune!
  12. I'm happy about it. I think any negative side effects will only be sparse and temporary. It is going to be my goal to not allow my brain to "cherry pick" the inevitable negatives as reason to ruin a good day at the dunes.
  13. Sorry it took so long for this: I've been going for about 10 years. - Use the map provided on the ultra4 website, at the gate, or on Cartotracks. - Camp wherever you can find room (there are a lot of people and most of the "best" spots will already be taken), ideally away from trails or you will be dusted out and up all night. - Spectator areas: Hammertown jumbotron, Backdoor, Chocolate Thunder, (there will probably be a jumbotron at those two locations as well), turkey claw and Lasernut Alley (this is fairly new); again use provided map to find. - If all else fails, follow a random group and see what you see; it's all good! Have Fun!
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