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  1. HCR build

    That HRC kit makes those cars look dang good!!
  2. [SOLD] Sold

  3. Camping Area With Strongest Verizon Coverage?

    We camp out here and I stream netflix, hulu, and amazon. As well as remote into my desktop at work and Verizon works great...
  4. Buggy Roundup 5 Trip Reports

    Man this trip looked epic!!! Really bummed I missed this one...
  5. 2 Part time positions available

    I have 2 entry level part time positions available: 1 position is about 30-35 hours per week in the warehouse pulling orders, checking in returns, and receiving new deliveries. Looking for someone who is meticulous and organized. 1 position is part of our customer service team, and data entry. Help customers place online orders, manage online market place stores Both positions are in Riverside CA, if interested please email your resume to corey@homestuff.com
  6. Dumont Dunes Halloween 2017 [4k] Video

    Super sweet edit

    Do you have some pictures? Also what trans?
  8. Buggy Roundup 5


    Really want to try to make this one...
  9. Camp fire Permits

    I just hate stupid "avoidable" tickets lol
  10. Sandrail insurance

    I have nothing really to contribute accept that is a damn good looking car
  11. Just saw on another site that the great state of California now requires campfire permits on public land. This covers gas stoves as well. They are free and it takes about 5 minutes to watch the video and answer the multiple choice questions. That way your are sufficiently trained in fire safety lol. Anyway here is the site to get them... http://www.preventwildfireca.org/Permits/
  12. Vote: October Dune Pic of the Month

    Maybe ill get in the vote this time...
  13. Halloween weekend '17

    Headed down to Glamis this time...
  14. Who's ready and who's not?

    Getting the Busa car on the dyno this week and then planning a pre-Halloween day test (so it can break again) but the Rzr's and the bike are ready to go
  15. 2016 Sand Cars Unlimited Pro Bro

    Such a nice car!!! GLWTS