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  1. August Dune Pic of the Month submissions

    It was the car thing that put it over the top huh?? lol its all good
  2. August Dune Pic of the Month submissions

  3. August Dune Pic of the Month submissions

    One of the cars we have that always works...
  4. 1HP at Dumont never looked so good

    Nice find!! Great production without a story or any point to it but it was cool none the less.
  5. Ken Block hits Dumont

    Here is the full episode...
  6. Cleanup Weekend Trip Report: March 2017

    @jalper That car is a beast!!
  7. Cleanup Weekend Trip Report: March 2017

    Love the reports Pete!! Kinda makes me wish we went out to Dumont instead of Glamis...
  8. March 3-5, 2017 Trip Report

    HAHA Thats Awesome!!!
  9. March 3-5, 2017 Trip Report

    As always Pete, Love the trip report!!
  10. March 4-5 weekend

    Ya for sure, right now there are about 3 camps and no tracks... I'll only leave a few for you
  11. March 4-5 weekend

    Headed out this morning Pete, but will probably be coming home Thursday night.
  12. Presidents Weekend 2017 pics and reports

    Awesome vid!! thanks for sharing the trip reports
  13. Our Desert Dynamics build

    Awesome car!! Thanks for sharing
  14. Chill Weekend: Jan 26-29, 2017 trip report

    Love your trip reports Pete!! Thanks for sharing