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  1. looking for a group of SXS's/sand cars to ride with April 5-9 possibly through the weekend to the 11th if anyone is planning to be there and doesn't mind. 51 M Turbo S with 4 years of dune experience. thanks
  2. also I forgot to ask do you know if the kiosk is working at the entrance? Thanks
  3. wind doesn't bother me at all. im waiting on a friend to let me know if he's able to go. should know by Sunday if im coming. Are there many people there now and where you guys camping?
  4. im thinking about Monday for a week if I can find someone to camp/ride with. how long are you planing to stay?
  6. They are taking orders by phone now at 760-252-6000. Just ordered mine
  7. Hello I'm new here and was wondering if anyone would let (me Chris 47) and my (wife Sari) tag along one weekend in late october or november to get the feel of things before we take off on our own? Im used to riding in Kentucky but not the dunes. If there any side by sides RZR groups or individuals that don't ride crazy/fast and have the patience to go slow enough to let us get comfortable riding in the sand please contact me. We have our own camper and side by side Thanks Chris
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