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  1. I am just gonna fix it myself. It just really sucks as one of my complaints was supposed to have been addressed on my last visit, and now the dealer wont even stand behind the repair.
  2. so I made an appt to take my warrior in monday on friday for some warranty work. I show up and am told that WW is not doing any authorizing of outside repair work as they are doing some reconstruction in the parts and service of WW. I am then told that if I want my trailer fixed, I am gonna have to pay for it and submit a request to get reimbursed to WW. Now I am mad as hell that I took a couple hours off work to take the trailer in and was not told until I got there about this problem. I get the # for WW and call after leaving wheelers....yeah I know . The lady that answers the phone goes into the whole thing I was already told and I proceed to ask what I can do. She gives me the same option or make an appt. at the dealer in Paris California and bring it to them. So now I am beyond mad and ask what the deal is and pry some more. She then tells me that they are doing some "financial restructuring" and nothing will change for at least 90 days. I sure am glad I paid a butt load of money for a new trailer that apparently may not have any warranty left also, sorry for not postin in a while....been doing some recovery of my backside in the realty market
  3. i had a 2.5 from metric motors with a 2d in a S/U car that was extremely light...... it was a rocket ship and reliable also, fwiw the mounts are the same for a 2.0 and 2.5 and everything is interchangeable between the two. the sti 2.5 is bullet proof with a good set of pistons. the stock pistons tend to break/crack ring landings. I have a street car subaru sti and can help with a lot if needed
  4. grabbed the axle and it felt funny, it was loose and sloppy. unbolted the inner cv and peeled back the boot to find the star broke into 3 pieces
  5. It was a metric motors 430hp (engine dyno) subie motor
  6. are you getting sunoco locally? if so how much?
  7. this was funny ... thought i would share http://www.dumpalink.com/videos/Kid_Pranks..._Desk-5kha.html note.. there are a few curse words
  8. this sucks .... and my friends wonder y I kryptonite cable my bikes together in the garage...
  9. cst is one of the best...all the parts come powdercoated superthick and the truck can generally be put back to stock if needed. Donahoe is also a nice well built lift
  10. i actually picked up a tube of molylube with antiseize.... it was pretty spendy. ....and thanks for the link to Outback
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