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I Took A Cruise To Dumont After All This Rain...


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From Pahrump, I went around 4 road closed barricades. At Shoeshone, the sign says road flooded 8 miles. It wasn't. 

The only road damage is a washed out section by the little dunes. Pavement damage is @ 9' by 24' which will need a few truck loads of dirt and a pavement patch. 

There's a thin layer of dirt in a couple places. Our NEW PAVED Dumont road held up a perfect 100%. No damage. 

The Concrete section where the Amargosa River crossing is held up surprisingly well.

The dirt section could use a little clean up and the road past the pay station needs a little dirt work. All is passable right now with slow careful driving. 

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That’s great you drove behind the closures.  It’s people like you that give off roaders a bad name.  I’m sure it wasn’t the first time for you and I’m sure you will contribute to do it because it’s all about you. Good luck when you get caught and have your vehicle impounded. 

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It’s once again people like you that feel closures don’t apply to you.  You are the type of person that give off roaders a bad name. I’m sure it’s not the first nor the last that you operate like this.  When you end up getting caught and have your vehicle impounded the real off roaders aren’t going to feel bad for you. 

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I am really nobody in all of this, but sidewinder that was kind of a sh*tty thing to say . Yes there closed for public safety. but as long as it isn't during actual construction times when he could be a threat or hindrance or impacting environment i/e protected wildlife/or plants. It is hurting no one. I agree it is " at risk"  and yes some folks can get a ticket, but he seems, IMO to be investigating and reporting. It doesn't appear he is tearing up any construction work efforts. or driving through the desert plants. We see it all the time. I frequently have to go through closures for ECO's for power ( and yes, we are authorized to do so). And if they are out there and busy usually Cal Trans is nearby and they will let you know what's up. it looks like a right time to take a peak and let us know what's up. Just sayin .........................

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