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  1. firepole i cannot answer that i do not know. i do know the chassi biulder.( he is photoed there as well as myself. and a few others)they told me that the car had zero deflection on the angles when disassembled and inspected by the builder. phill is a personnel freind of cris hersch from eyeball. While Chris is an egomaniac he is saftey minded ( he runs a 900 hp twin turbo) and he is biulding a few very high horsepower cars and he is adding all the time to the structure he has gone to thicker wall tubings and different bracing. ( im going to retrofit my bracing as well) he would not let phill into the dunes with that car if he didnt think it was safe. anything more than that i cannot add .
  2. o my that is close to 100 feet now add the fact that he was honkin on it and going verticle.
  3. i dunno about that guys car structurly, i know it bugs me when they dont have a side pillar. andrew buck before breaking his back was jumping 70 to 80 feet in his cars and 20 to 30 feet high. i witnessed the rollover pictured below. it was end over end and 1 full rollover sideways damage, 1 broken light, 2 broken flags, and 1 ego. we rolled it over and duned all weekend. Saftey is a big deal with me i'm running 600 horsepower to the rear wheels per westech chassi dyno mira loma cal. thats dyno jet not corrected. i was sold on eyeball for a few reasons strength being one of them. q: should we discuss this ?? in lew of what happened A: in my opinion ABSOFUKNLUTELY im sure if anything that man that was running that buggy would want others to know what happened and why and if it could be prevented. It is normal , healthy , and prudent that we discus these matters. Were fathers sons and duners i dont want to see anyone hurt. and if discussing this lets JUST ONE PERSON at minimum look at saftey issues when building or buying a buggy. and make a solid choice then we have done well. To criticise the deceased! no way! inexcuseable . to comment on the structure of the car.Well thats just plain smart. to be concerned to ask " can it be prevented" could it have been survivable wouldnt any of you want to know ?? i do . I believe when god says "its time" your done. and its likely the upside down drop was to much. i would like to know how far it flew.for meerly reasons of structural questions regarding saftey i type this with respect to the departed and there family and i hope they understand its from a preventive stand point that i look at the structural issues regards Bob Cox
  4. you should have that was some funny sh*t right there <<< that will teach my buddy not to be a cheap skate and use 930 axels the red one got paraded
  5. i think somebody should take a pic of the actual place where they went off so others can understand it had nothing to do with booze, bad frames or things of that nature. that same spot last year a guy on a polaris almost came close to doing the exact same thing he calaimed it was an opticle illusion and it looked continues luckily he bailed out . maybe that hill needs a warning
  6. speaking of tow jobs my buddy took off from the pole and blew a cv .so we got the jeep and started towing him back. then suddenly we were near comp my other buddie decides to veer over and parade him up and down the isles in front of everyone. of course i didnt do anything but sit behind him rev the motor and laugh then for good measure they drug him down vendors row before dragging him into camp
  7. lol i know but.......... this is what they look like after
  8. does that mean they would get a ticket for impeeding traffic
  9. lol a beam car couldnr handle the woops at 25
  10. As a fellow duner and father and husband i would like to also extend a heart felt condolences to those lost. we were camped next to ddr and some in the camp had seen it as well ( the aftermath) i chose not to go over there. i did not want to ogle, but my heart sank upon hearing of this . Our whole camp was rocked by the news we never like to hear such things. It is the frightning part of our sport ................................I hope God has them a couple of rails to play with up there . I pray that the family can heal after such a devestating loss.
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