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  1. no thanks...not dealing with attitude this weekend :beer_bang:
  2. cj92345


    check out the winshield wiper movie "stroke of guiness" pretty intresting
  3. how about "stuktrk" kidden "doontrk" "2d doons"
  4. holy crap....checking mine tomorrow....good catch.
  5. cj92345

    Curse 08?

    08 has been the worst year in my 46...i'am counting the min till it's over...hope i don't keel over before 09
  6. cj92345


    now set the front on a sawhorse or some kind of stand and have more room
  7. heard if from a friend....who knows a guy..that has a cousin...that the road will be paved soon..contract signed last week...company out of pahrumph will do the work :ah:
  8. clutch's are one of the hardest thing's we stealership peep's have to deal with..they seem to never go smooth...factory say's not covered, considered customer abuise..customer say's they have been driving a stick for 40years and it's a manufacture's problem. :porn:
  9. have i not heard the word "toyota" come out of tony stewart's mouth? he say's 'home depot car" or "this car" or "the new car" or have i just missed it?
  10. thanks for the info...as of thursday ins has not admitted liabilty yet...they have not seen the police report but i have a copy..shows she violated "failure to yield" says drive #1 caused accident... thats her. thanks again gor the info.
  11. first i have a perfect driving record and a class A licence...but i only have liabilty ins on my old 89 chevy truck. driving to work a couple weeks ago a 16 year old blows a stop sign and T/bones me at a 2 way stop..i had no stop sign.. it would have been much worse if i was'nt watching her not slowing down. i wacked my head on the drivers window when we hit,afterward i was able to drive my truck and go to work...later that day my neck was hurting so i went to ergent care...told i may have distented my neck a little...so i'am off work 4 days..can't turn my head without great pain for a week and a half,,wife has to drive me to work. my head was pounding for 3 days..now i'am better and no sign of problems. got the police report show her at fault for the accident, her ins looked at my truck yesterday and estimated it for $2400.00 but now ia'm pi$$ed cause now i have to explain this accident on my driving record..and loss of pay and dr deductable... do i get a lawer? just ask her ins for lost time and wages? this accident has been a real pain in the a$$ for me..what next thanks in advance chris
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