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  1. I was wodering that too :mischevious:
  2. where is potable water in baker these days? or some other easy stop between Mojave and Baker? after 700 mile trip we'll need to fill up
  3. pop the t/o ring off the pressure plate(its to bad you don't have any freinds to help you out)
  4. This is how I have repaired tanks in the past empty the tank really good take out all plugs,caps,senders and pump assy put in about 10lbs of dry ice wait about 10 to 15 min(2 beers) and it will be safe to weld on until dry ice is gone
  5. lakecitydan


    I use "GAURD DEER"(not available in all areas) they also help with weed eating and make a tasty barbecue
  6. After 35 yrs in automotive I think they need to crush every car from about 1978 to 1994 anyhow!!!! I'm sure we won't be seeing a 89 Ford Taurus or Chevy Lumina at Barrett Jackson 20 yrs from now
  7. I've had good results using Naval Jelly, the last one I did looked worse than yours
  8. I like it!! So they're wanting to trade that for a Rhino? :?:
  9. No I havn't been sent to the corner lately(or even been threatened) Maybe I've just had to much fried chicken and drank to many 40s of Old English 800 lately I guess I'm still trying to figure out whats considered a joke or hateful here(trying to be sensitive is hard for me) and when 1SADYFZ calls someone a azzhat that must be a joke right P.S. I prefer Chris Rock and my Vodka with watermelon(theres got to be joke there)
  10. Yours is very high tech It must be an old guy thing
  11. Chit talkin bad, racist jokes ok? hmmmmm No members of color here? just curious
  12. That is a harsh way to start a thread even by my standards
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