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  1. I asked about you when Blue Steel came up to register. Sorry you missed out...turned out to be a successful event despite the winds!! He did score at the raffle and harassed me about how I "dress" my hotdog in the lunch line. He'll explain. And oh yea, we won a pass too!! I hope BLM continues to donate season passes (6 total)...most awesome prize IMO!
  2. Yeppers, Saturday night sucked...errrr....blew!! No campfire time and thank goodness an indoor dinner was already planned. Our hauler was parked broadside to the wind so we did some major rockin' aaalllll night long! This morning was still pretty breezy but not enough to keep us outta the dunes. The riding was AMAZING, but in some places the wind blew away the soft dry stuff and exposed the still wet and packed sand. Made for some rough riding spots here and there, but all in all really glad I didn't wimp out and stay at camp!!
  3. We are heading out Tuesday (29th) and staying 'til Saturday! A relaxing no hassle trip compared to Thanksgiving!
  4. SWEET Terry!! You know Davey and I will be there...been waiting anxiously for the Saturday meeting date. Looking forward to it.
  5. Agreed!! Actually, I've thought about doing that...bring trash bags out to the hill with us and walk around handing them out to those obviously in need. However, it also occured to me that the true azzhats may want to kick my a$$! 99% of the time we have at least one vehicle with us (a truck, Razor, etc.) that can carry back more than what we bring out with us, so we'll grab anything in the vicinity and haul it back to camp. That's the 1 thing I miss about my old Trail Boss....the big a$$ quad bag on the back that always came back to camp with trash picked up along the ride. When will people ever getta clue!?
  6. Whenever word of an injured duner gets around, I get a sinking feeling. You know when that chopper is flying in/out, it's not good. No one wants things like this to happen to anyone, but that's why they're called accidents; it's never planned. It's when it happens to someone you know and care about that feeling sinks a lot further down. In a perfect world, there would be no need for that chopper, but the world is far from perfect!! On the upside, Davey and I went to the hospital to see Chris this evening. For what he's been through and what lies ahead, he's doing remarkably well! This young man has a guardian angel looking over him and we're all very lucky that angel kept up with him on that hill Saturday! to a full recovery Chris!
  7. :foshizz: Seriously awesome reply there Vic!! I would SO love to read the article that inspired your response....get on it Cheese!!
  8. Okey dokey then....here goes: 2009 Receipts.....$598,156 (Down about $200,000 compared to 2008) 2008 Carry over...$26,639 (Sweet considering it's not -$26,639) Available funds= $624,795 2009 Expenditures...$601,871 Balance remaining....$22,924 Of this remaining balance, they estimate it will cost $5,000 to hardwire the generator to the lights at the heli-pad (you know, the one paid for with grant money). This is the TOP priority project because it is a health and safety matter and the season is soon to begin. The sub-group would like at least 1 more estimate before going forward....licensed/certified electricians need to step up! They will also need the contractor throughout the season for emergency repairs and maintenance, so they should be located in close proximity (such as Pahrump). I cannot completely breakdown the expenditures because of 2 reasons. One, Eleanor is no longer at the Barstow field office and she always did a wonderful job of showing us the budget breakdown. Two, Roxi explained that their new system would not let her do a line for line breakdown (still learning) but she did tell us that aproximately $375,000 went to labor costs and feels that is pretty accurate. Other expenditures include travel but she gave no other $$ amounts. Sorry The Barstow field office received a total of 11 grants including a $150,000 grant for ground operations, however, it will be January before they even begin to spend grant $$$! In the meantime, those who want to buy a season pass need to get out and buy it this month so you can save $10. Hey, 10 bucks is 10 bucks!
  9. Yup yup yup....lots of discussion....not a lot of conclusions but still glad we attended nonetheless. I took some notes on some $$ matters and can post them up if anyone is interested. And YES Jason, Saturday meeting(s) were discussed and almost got one scheduled as soon as December. BUT some key members could not attend a weekend meeting so it's scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday in Dec. A Sat. meeting will be scheduled for mid-season so more "public" can attend. The DAC is going to meet Dec 11th and the sub-group wants to meet again BEfore that date, however, the 5th was not feasible so they decided on the 8th. Oh well. All in all, it was worth my time and the drive to and from to attend. The next one will be more Dumont specific since the "elections" and details about what can and cannot be discussed were the main agenda this time around. Lunch with Mike and Terry following the meeting was icing on the cake.
  10. AWESOME weekend!! Spring break, so we headed out on Wednesday....solo....no one else came out with us. <Too bad for them > Got there about 2:00, set up bare necessities and headed out for the first run. The sand was as smooth as a baby's buns and the razors as sharp as......ummm, razors!! Amazing changes in the conditions since clean-up weekend.....WOW!! Davey and the girls did another run before dinner time...he got them up on the backside of comp. Taylor is LOVING her new <to her> LTZ400, Kelsey was on Davey's Banshee, and Davey was on his bro's 450. Little David has now graduated to the Warrior350 (caught on SO fast clean-up weekend) and will probably not want to ride the Trailblazer ever again. The night was clear and the moon was bright, so we did a complete circle around the dunes after dinner. By the time we got back to camp, we didn't even bother with a campfire...too pooped!! Thursday was more of the same...NO traffic, amazing conditions, perfect weather, and rode the hell outta the dunes. The hills were a blast too...hardly a soul around. I can't believe my kids are hopping razors! I had no choice, keep up or get left in their dust!! :shoot: Me and Davey paid a visit to Brice and Mike's camp before dark and had a good chuckle with the Wingnut! Good seeing you guys again, even for a short visit! Lots more folks had rolled in by Friday, but still lighter traffic and lots of elbow room. Spotted Skyz at vendor row when we went for ice and she flashed Davey's helmet cam...well, just about until he told her it was still rolling! Ran into Malcom (sp?) and some of his DSD Crew out at the N. pole. They had been there since Wed. also, but didn't recognize Davey 'cause he wasn't riding his Banshee. He asked about a meet-n-greet for Saturday, we weren't sure if one was planned, but if we were still out there we would be at the S. pole at 2:00. Cool peeps fo sho!! The weather was getting chilly and the clouds getting dark, so we buzzed back to camp to grab some jackets before hitting taledaga. I ran out of time on the helmet cam and missed getting the lightening shots!! Headed to Comp...then the WINDS hit!! Kelsey and I raced back to camp 'cause I remembered I left windows open to keep the hauler cool!! We had dunes in the hauler...sand everywhere!! Visibility was down to 0 when Taylor and the 2 Davey's returned....he almost hit the hauler...literally!! We battoned down the hatches and rode out the storm with dinner and a movie. It did blow out as fast as it blew in, but whatta mess in the meantime! Turned out to be a nice night, despite the light rain, but I sure felt sorry for those just rolling in during the storm....tenters were sure hating life. Had planned to camp hop and go visiting Friday night, but figured most were in for the night due to the sandstorm. REALLY wanted to head out for the meet-n-greet on Saturday, but we were 'bout out of fuel! Wasn't even sure I had enough to get the generator running in the morning. The Warrior was already on reserve, nothing left to mix for the Banshee <thirsty biotch>, 'bout the 400 and 450, but my low fuel light wasn't on....YET! Was tempting to hang out, but wouldn't have been fair to leave the kiddos at camp. We lingered over breakfast and decided to get ready to rock-n-roll. Hit the highway by noon. One helluva trip to end this riding season!!
  11. I this whole post!! I was reading this thread over Davey's shoulder last night and we were both wondering why NObody had said anything about the lack of supervision for the kids on the quads!! The parents (of the boy) had to DRIVE their truck to the scene?!? Come on!! Our 12 year old son is a good and considerate rider, BUT we would never EVER let him ride anything out of our line of vision at the dunes!! If he drops out of our line for whatever reason, I drop out too (I'm always the caboose :shoot: ) and stay with him or guide him out another way. This was the first season we let our teen girls ride out of sight....either to go back to camp or go pee....BUT they had to stay together!! I still cannot grasp the idea of letting 10 year olds drive sandrails. I'm sorry, but if you're not old enough to obtain a driver's license, I don't think one should be behind the wheel of any car, on or off road. Even Rhinos, Razors, any sideXside, I'm still not comfortable with the idea. I've seen TOO many little kids reaking havoc with those things in the sand and on the flats, with no adult supervision let alone one in the vehicle! Oh well, rant over. SO glad the outcome wasn't any worse and hope all involved recover fully and quickly!!
  12. Do signatures from non-California residents count Vic?!? :shoot: :blonde:
  13. You know I'm in at the registration booth Stacey!! Davey gets poker run, I get clean up. Leaves one of us to escort the kiddos. We're thinkin' we just might let the kids ditch school Friday so we can make a 3-dayer out of it!! Looking forward to it!
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