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  1. I am going with part of our group 8 to 10 quads we are getting to dumont on saturday morning about 9 AM and leaving sunday at noon we are gonna be camping by A-1
  2. I got my pass this week, now all I got to do is get the toys ready. I can't wait to be out there!!!
  3. What days are you planning on going? Since halloween is in the middle of the week.
  4. We are going, getting on Friday night. I can't wait.
  5. Well where to begin, we got to Dumont on Thursday about 4:30 we set camp, and the problems started junior's bike wouldn't start so he performed major carburetor cleaning. After couple of hours he got it working, and we chilled by fire waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. Friday we got to a good start went on couple good azz rides and then I chilled at camp for the rest of the day drinking and having a good old time with my friends I haven' seen in two years so much caching up. Saturday I didn't ride just drunk all day and I payed for it on Sunday. We had a few Trick or treaters visit our camp on Saturday night. All and all it was a great trip. After all the ups and downs I went thru the pass two years I sure needed this trip.
  6. I am leaving on Thursday to Dumont, I been twitching for two years now, my bikes are ready, trailer tires checked, gas tanks are full, food checked, pass purchased, gear same old sh*t checked, alcohol checked and candy for the kids checked I am fing stoke. :monkiedance: :atv:
  7. que onda mi jorge como te a ido? hey listo para president day? tenemos planeado ir ese dia, las 2 ultimas idas nos dejaron de perro sin ningun cinco pero estamos guardando para president day ojala puedas ir cuidate nos vemos luego

  8. I hate getting off my arce to go rescue you.........
  9. is always sad to hear stuff like this RIP dunner......hats off to those who help
  10. congrats bert to you and your wife.....
  11. sorry pete I will stop looking lol :freakin_nuts:
  12. I am planning to be there, that would be my only trip this season it sucks to be me some times
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