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  1. My youngest son winning a fishing derby at Hume Lake. 25 1/2 inch, 8 lb trout. Caught on a crappie jig.. Go figure...
  2. How about a shoe size?? I have 8-9-11 and 15/16 (Jeremy)... I know Jeremy wears XXL.. sorry on the pants size though... What size is the wife?? I have some warm clothes from living in the frozen tundra AKA Tehachapi that we can part with... BTW.. ask if he likes fish... I still have 30+ punds of halibut and salmon from my Alaska trip
  3. Just another dumb a$$ tweaker that cant find a job and pay for his own stuff. Wanted to get the word out that there was some recovered property. I would hate to see any good stuff just sit around and collect dust.... Idiots... I'm with you cheese.. forget the canned hunts in Texas, start issuing hunting lic. for theives....
  4. http://www.tehachapinews.com/home/ViewPost/77967
  5. Got back from Alaska.. not today, but this is the first time I have had a chance to pst up...
  6. My company just had a guy arrested for stealing copper wire. When the Sheriff's Dept investigated his house in Santa Clarita, they found 4 stolen quads (along with about 6000 lbs of copper wire). I do NOT know the types, makes, years..... but it may help if anyone has had a quad stolen in Santa Clarita to call the Sheriff's Dept to get more info on the quads. I believe the guy was arrested on 07/16/08. TB
  7. Work!! TRIPLE TIME $$$ !!! Hey, someone has to keep the lights on...I guess...
  8. I work for a public utility in So Cal. Work is booming.... now dont get me wrong, I was a certified Service Tech for a GM Dealership long ago, and found out in my younger years that flag time is a losing proposition.... Its nice to have a job that people depend on more and more.. electricity is always in high demand... and with summer fast approaching, I am already starting to see the double time kick in.. If you are looking for a job with decent pay, dont overlook local utilities... you may have to take 1 step back to take 2 forward....
  9. How lame... just like selling windpower to the masses... But hey, an hour that I dont have to worry about the power is easy money for me!!
  10. My son and I were duning most of the weekend. I was on a red TRX 450 and my son was on a white Z-400. The dunes were like butter. It was fantastic until Sunday about 11 am when the wind and sand started removing skin from my face. We saw a few groups of quads in the dunes, but I was suprised when there seemed to be more rails then quads in the dunes....
  11. We left around 1145, saw the Fire Dept heading down the finger followed by the CHP. When I got home, I checked the CHP website, they reported that run as a fatality.... Prayers go out to the family.... BTW... CHP website family had been notified and enroute from Apple Valley...
  12. My son and I will be out there with guys from the ATVtech board. Cant miss us, we'll probably be the only ones in the dunes with a horse trailer....
  13. Thanks, I just blew milk out of my nose...sheesh..
  14. Thursday we took a few rides, but always found ourselves going back to comp hill. there is just something about that hill when it has NO tracks on it......it had no whoops and you just glided down 5th gear pinned until the bottom 5th gear pinned... Now THAT's a story... Someday when I meet up with eveyone, I'll have to tell the tale of Cheese and his first trip down comp.....
  15. Looks like my son and I may make it out there. Dont know if we are going to tent it or bring out Casa De Equine... I'll be out on a trx 450R, son will be on a white Z-400.. See eveyone out there....
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