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    damn man that sucks!
  2. Stoked to see everyone. Just a few more days! Don't forget to bring a little something to add to sandcars and coffee on Saturday morning if you guys don't mind. Don't go nuts! We don't need an extra 100 donuts. LOL And we have some killer raffle prizes to give away this year!
  3. Hell yeah. Gettin close. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  4. Nice! That red car seems like it's never touching the ground. Thanks for sharing.
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    Time to ring in 2023! New Years Eve falls on Saturday night this year. How perfect is that?
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    Friday: Drags on the back stretch start at 10:00 AM Saturday: Hill Climbs on the steep, left side of Comp start at 10:00 AM
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  8. Thanksgiving is right around the corner! It is a week-long dune trip for some groups when friends and families gather at the dunes to prepare their annual feasts. Catch the waterpumpers in action as the Dune Masters and Sand Pipers clubs compete in their annual hill climbs and drag races. Friday: Drags on the back stretch start at 10:00 AM Saturday: Hill Climbs on the steep, left side of Comp start at 10:00 AM And don't forget, Santa will be at the North Pole on Saturday, 11/26/22, from 10am-1:30pm only
  9. Thanks guys. I'm pretty stoked for buggy roundup as well!
  10. Great pics! Thanks for sharing
  11. Here is my video from this trip!
  12. This year's Buggy Roundup 10 will be December 9-11, 2022! Post up if you're going or have any questions or suggestions for this year. Can't wait! More info and link to RSVP here... https://www.dumontduneriders.com/invision/calendar/event/246-buggy-roundup-10/
  13. Thanks for sharing, Cody. Sucks about the trans. Get it fixed up so you can make Buggy Roundup!
  14. Calling all sandcars! Come join us at Dumont Dunes for our 10th Annual Buggy Roundup. The Buggy Roundup is an annual Dumont trip when all the sandcar people are invited to come out and camp together as a group. We'll be camped together across from bathroom 10, just off the right side of the entrance road. This trip gives the buggy guys and girls of Dumont a chance to meet each other and run the dunes together for a full weekend without the crowds. So don't be a stranger. Every year we have new people join the camp and end up leaving as friends. Details below There is no set schedule of events, but it will likely go something like this... Arrive as early as you'd like. Some get there as early as Tues or Wed. Just don't go hard and break your car before the weekend! Friday Group rides: Link up and get some group rides going. Saturday 8:00 AM -~10 AM: Sandcars and Coffee: Pull your car into the center of camp. (Or park it there the night before) Feel free to bring out some donuts or breakfast treats to contribute if you'd like. Just don't go nuts. Grab some coffee, say good morning to everyone, and check out all the buggies. This gives everyone a chance to wake up and get the day started. We'll also have raffle tickets for some prizes that we'll be giving away later in the day so come to the tent in the middle of camp to grab yours. 10 AM Group Ride: Join the group as we'll form the biggest train of buggies you've ever seen. We'll do a full dune run (slow to medium paced cruise) from the south end all the way through the dunes to the north pole. Saturday Afternoon: The rest of the day will include dune trivia, a raffle and more group dune runs! Dune trivia will give you a chance to win additional raffle tickets. The raffle prizes will be given out shortly after trivia. More info to come as it becomes available Buggy Roundup/ Camp Rules Those that wish to camp with the group for Buggy Roundup must agree to the rules set by us, Dumont Dune Riders. 1) Don't be a d*ck! We've never had an issue with anyone at buggy roundup, but we will not tolerate any BS. We are there to have a fun weekend of duning and hanging out with each other. You will be asked to leave camp if you cause problems. 2) No loud music. We all love to have a good time and party, but please be respectful of others in camp. We cram alot of RVs into one place and all have different tastes in music. 3) Unsafe driving or behavior will not be tolerated. This includes no passing on group rides unless you can do it extremely safe while giving that person plenty of room (ie: cut an entire dune to do it. Don't catch them by surprise.) 4) No side x sides in the group rides, photos or Sandcars and Coffee. We get asked this every year so I feel I need to say it. If you have a side x side, you are not UNinvited. If you love buggies, you can absolutely come out and camp with us. Please just understand and respect that this is a annual event for buggies. Want in? Here's what you need to do. 1) RSVP as GOING here... 2) Bring your buggy to Dumont and join in on the fun. Don't be a stranger. Park with the group. If you don't know anyone, just ask for PETE Camp Location Join the Discussion Video from Buggy Roundup 9
  15. Road update as of last weekend in case you missed my trip report. Two lanes fully paved to just past the water crossing. There are markers set up around the pay station and up to the visitor center where they'll likely pave after the holiday weekend. It was really nice and felt so foreign pulling in and out of Dumont on pavement.
  16. I always go Tecopa but the Pahrump was is pretty smooth from what I remember.
  17. They still have to pave the pay station area and up to the top by the ranger station, but the road is paved and 2 lanes all the way from the highway to just past the water crossing. They may have some shoulder work they'll be doing but it looks done to me! It's awesome.
  18. We had a great first trip of the season last weekend. Thursday and Friday were nice and warm with some smooth, fast, flowy dunes. They weren't as sketchy as I expected them to be but they were pretty sharp and steep. The new entrance road was just being finished up as I rolled in. It was beautiful! lol Our buddy Gary built an ATC beer trailer out of an old 1939 wagon! Pretty cool. Hello Dumont. It's been way too long. 9 months for me this year! Way too long. A couple vendors were already there for Halloween. Thursday morning I rebooted the router so the Dumont wifi would be refreshed. lol Thursday afternoon the 3 of us went for a ride to check out the dunes and the new cancer memorial ting near south pole. The rest of the crew arrived and the sun went down. Weather was perfect! Friday morning we joined groups with the pooper 10 crew and had a nice big line of buggies. Friday afternoon it was toasty. I cleaned up my solar panels to maximize my charging. I know. My roof is filthy. lol We hung out in the shade since it was too bright to dune. On our earlier run to the north pole we noticed the flag on the teeter totter desperately needed replacing so we handled it. When the only shade out there is from the pole, we use it. lol Then we stopped off at Sunset Hill. Saturday was a complete blowout as expected. The winds were fierce all day but we still squeezed in a quick ride when it calmed down for a minute. then it blew hard and it was a painful ride. Still fun though! Then Saturday night Alayna and Jerry messaged me needing help after they buried their new coach. We assembled the crew and got em out after a while. Playing tug-o-war with a Ford or what? lol Sunday we woke up to much colder weather and still some wind so we packed it up. I was out of fuel by them anyways. We duned alot! Awesome trip. The completed road leaving Dumont was amazing. Nice and smooth! I love it and my trailer will too. I've got a ton of GoPro footage and other video I'll be working on so stay tuned for that.
  19. Paving is almost done! Photos from Jamie N from the DDR Facebook group
  20. It sort of falls into the same category as everyone going to comp hill at night. Nothing is stopping everyone from gathering in a particular place. But when it is advertised and organized, BLM requires a permit for such activities due to liability. I wouldn't expect rangers to do anything about it unless the crowd was posing a safety threat or it was getting out of control, which it seems like it would. Hell...it got out of control even when it was "organized".
  21. Contact Barstow BLM. It's listed on the vendor row page. https://www.dumontduneriders.com/invision/vendor-row/
  22. Hey guys. I like those 360 flag mounts. Gonna have to order some of those up.
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