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  1. Effective January 1, 2022 the State of California will no longer recognize another State’s OHV registration program unless that State also recognizes California’s program. Beginning next year out of state recreationists must purchase a California non-resident permit to ride on public lands if his/her home state requires residents of California to purchase a non-resident permit for his/her currently registered OHV. View the complete OHV Bulletin in this link.
  2. That's a piece of metalalien and DDR history right there! haha awesome
  3. That sucks! Same thing happened in Vegas.
  4. Here's a video I put together from the weekend. Good times! Thanks again to everyone who came out.
  5. Awesome photos guys! Thank you for getting all of those, Tim and Neal.
  6. It was tough squeezing everyone in at Sunset Hill, but we managed pretty well. Check out how you can see camp in the distance too.
  7. Yep. Now maybe we should make some Facebook stickers instead. We're actually taking about getting some new swag made up again. Stay tuned.
  8. What an awesome weekend. It was so great seeing everyone and meeting so many new people at this year's buggy roundup. Thank you all for coming out and making this trip such a fun time. It has evolved into something that everyone always looks forward to every season. "Best trip of the season!" We didn't get in until late so I'll have to share more later. I believe we had 54 cars at sandcars and coffee. Please post any photos, stories, or memories you have from the weekend!
  9. Oh stop. There was no harm meant. haha You're not an idiot. It's all in good fun. I see you updated the title. See, you got this. I think WW made a couple of those trailers around the 2005-2007 era. I seem to remember hearing the owner of WW built one for himself and then there were one or two others. Not sure of the model because it's semi-custom. I think the largest they normally make is a 40ft.
  10. Bummer man! Hope to catch you next year. Maybe we'll see you in the dunes soon.
  11. That's the longest weekend warrior and title I have ever seen.
  12. Bring plenty of firewood! 10 day forecast
  13. We have some awesome giveaway prizes this year. If anyone would like to donate/ pre-purchase raffle tickets, you can do so online by Paypal or Venmo then grab your raffle tickets from Anna whenever you arrive. Or you can wait and do it in person on Saturday morning as usual. Tickets are the same as previous years: 1 ticket per $5 donation or 5 for $20. Venmo Paypal Again, if anyone has donations you'd like to contribute towards buggy roundup I would greatly appreciate the help. Just contact me or bring them out and get them to me by Saturday morning.
  14. Awesome. See you there! Better luck this time. That's always a worry for me getting those early dune runs in. Been there before!
  15. Awesome. Looks like we have 30 RSVPs this year which means about 50. Can't wait!
  16. You would have to just go to the ranger station. Otherwise you can contact the BLM 760-252-6000
  17. This year I've decided to skip the buggy weighing. Most everyone who has been to a buggy roundup knows what their car weighs by now plus that takes up a bunch of time that we can use for duning. We'll still have dune trivia and the raffle though! I just wanna have more time in the dunes with everyone. I think ~2-3PM will be a good time for trivia and raffle. It'll still allow time for a sunset run and sunset hill. Let's just hope the W cooperates this year!
  18. I always like to give our vendors a chance to chime in and let everyone know that they'll be out there and what they'll have available for duners. If you are a vendor on vendor row this week or weekend, please post up! I know one of the site sponsors, Desert Bling, is already out there. They have Thanksgiving shirts and hoodies. I believe they are available for pre-order and pickup at Dumont if you want to snatch one up. https://www.desertbling.com/dune-crew-dumont.html
  19. We'll be doing another raffle on Saturday so if anyone has any donations, giveaways or swag they'd like to include, please get them to me when you get out there. Thanks!
  20. Dumont isn't in Death Valley. If it was, we couldn't ride the dunes. But yeah, it's very remote. lol Just rent a motorhome. Camping at Dumont is a big part of the fun and the whole experience.
  21. Great report and pics. Thanks for sharing!
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