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    2001 Raptor 660
    2003CRF 50
    2006 SSR 125
    1986 XR200
    1996 Chevy Silverado 4x4
    1962 Sandwinder (manx style) VW dune buggy
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  1. I have both and like the 700 much better for the type of riding we do, the efi works great, the seat is softer, they have reverse and a better ride all the way around. we ride dunes and desert mostly. I only got the 450 because I needed another bike and I got it really cheap in a box of parts.
  2. if it was me i would stay away from the HID's. ive had two sets on two diff 660's and they were problems. there OK if you buy a aftermarket stator and keep a battery tender on your battery when your not riding b/c they need a full battery to run them, drop a few volts and only one will work if your lucky. i ended up going back to stock with some trail tech laser lights on ours. i havnt heard anything about the LED's to say yes or no on them. to me the HID's ended up being 200 bucks that was thrown away.
  3. if you want to upgrade the motor look into a set of monster (those are just my fav, many other good companies out there) duals and a set of FCR carbs. those were probably by far the best two mods i did to mine. just those two alone will give you the HP to run pretty much any 3 mod 700 and 450. dont mess with the compression unless you plan on changing the connecting rod.
  4. another great mod for the 660's is buy the linkage from an 01 and flip it over, bolt on a 700 rear shock and you will get around 2-3 more inches of travel out of the back, will make a huge differance through the whoops! will be another cheap but effective upgrade to help with your front suspension. looks good though. you will love the elka's, i run the rebound/compression adjustable on both of mine. i was a die hard 660 guy for years, my last build we hit 63 hp out of a 686 that was put together from a box of parts... the 660's were always an underdog, but with a little work you can make them fffast =)
  5. hm. bakersfield residents?
  6. yeah, i saw on the news this morning some guy was saying the driver was partially to blame for going to fast. correct me if im wrong but wasnt it a "race"? isnt that the idea? ive heard this is pretty common over seas in rally car races. still a sad thing though, personally me or my kids would be no where close to where they are driving, esepecially if it was a rough area like that. either way its still very sad and im sure tramatic to those who were there. i wish the best for the familys who have had to deal with the loss....
  7. I was reading up a little and found a few articles about the distributor gear. Its not any certian cylinder anymore its just misfire code. I would seriously trade this thing for a ford that was older at this point.
  8. Well its been months and my truck still doesnt run right. Heres what ive done. AC delco plugs, cap, rotor, injectors and fuel filter. Im running MSD 8.5 wires. I keep getting a misfire code. It runs fine when its cold outside but when it warms up it idles bad. It has a miss when the engine isnt under a load at all. Ive done a vaccum check (19psi) and a smoke test on the intake. what am I missing that will make this thing run better. Its about ready to be part of the campfire on the thanksgiving trip....
  9. Thats pretty close to what it is here.
  10. back in high school a friend of mine owned the glennville gas station, we used to get on the roof and use one of those to shoot cars that were passing through.
  11. For the longest time I was scared to split a case on my own. I had a guy give me an xr200 that the motor was shot in and I started re-building it and realized...hey, this isnt that hard after all lol. I had the same problem though, broken gears, metal shavings all over and busted shifter fork. Good luck with that mess though
  12. hah..that reminds me of a guy guy we used to have work here. Everyone called him hillbilly as a nickname. One day the boss comes in (joking) and says we cant call him that anymore, so I gave him the politically correct name of "mountian william" Yeah I know its
  13. After reading some of these stories I dont feel so bad...in the 4 months ive lost 1) my house 2) my kid 3) my visitation for my son 4) 70% of my GROSS income (which at 3500 a month, plus taxes and benifits come out of my half). It says right in my paperwork they cant legally take more than 52% but I guess the courts can do what ever they want. 5) everything in the house...I got a 13 inch tv and half my clothes The messed up thing is I paid her child support, I have proof that I paid it (from over a year ago when we split up the first time). I never missed one payment with her or my daughters mom and I still have to pay her back child support from the year we lived together and I was supporting her! The court granted it with out ever even contacting me. Now im almost 10k in the hole in back child support because we never droped the order when we got back togehter a year ago. I even gave her money that I didnt have to trying to help her out and this is how I get re-paid... I look at it this way. Im 27..I have a old truck that im making payments on, a buggy I built from the ground up, a quad and a few little pit bikes (that were givin to me, lol). What else do I need?
  14. Raptor661

    Oh My God!

    I came across this today.. 'Hated' church group to protest Tim McLean funeral A church group described in a British documentary as "the most hated family in America" says it will head to Canada this weekend to protest Tim McLean's funeral. Tim McLean, 22, was the young man who was stabbed repeatedly and then decapitated by a man sitting next to him The daughter of the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, based in Topeka, Ka., told CTV.ca she and several other church members will go to Winnipeg on Saturday to demonstrate against what she described as McLean's "filthy way of life." Shirley Phelps-Roper said his life was emblematic of Canada's moral decay. "God handed us a gift," Phelps-Roper said in a phone interview on Thursday. She said McLean deserved his death by beheading on a Greyhound Bus last week. "(His death was) supremely unemotional. You got God shaking in rage. There is no emotional component ... He was a rebel against God. He was taught to be a rebel by his parents. He came from a rebel country ... They brought this wrath upon his head. And it sucks to be him and it sucks to be them," Phelps-Roper said. She said his brutal murder was a sign from God. "You gotta connect the dots, people ... from your idols to your filthy way of life," she said. "Here's what I know. He is dead and God does not do that to people that serve in his truth." Phelps-Roper described McLean -- who she had never met -- in an insulting, insensitive and graphic manner. Her crudest descriptions of the 22-year-old are not printed. "I haven't met him personally, but he has nothing going on," she said dismissively. "(His life) was all about him. Blah, blah, blah ... He was a rebel ... I don't need to know anything else ... I don't need to know the minutia. Everything you need to know is right there." The Westboro Baptist church has gained notoriety in recent years for setting up protest pickets at the funerals of U.S. soldiers who died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Church members claim the deaths are part of God's wrath against Americans for turning their back on his teachings. They have repeatedly called the U.S. a "fag" nation, a phrase Phelps-Roper used repeatedly to describe Canada. Phelps-Roper said she does not mind that her family is reviled by the majority of Americans. She claimed she rejoices when people say they despise and hate her family. "I say, 'cha ching.' That goes in our bank. God gives us tokens of his love," she said. Phelps-Roper said members of the Westboro Baptist Church, which numbers about "70 souls," is comprised mainly of a single extended family. McLean was killed on July 30 after being stabbed repeatedly on a Greyhound bus by a complete stranger. He was then beheaded. Vinci Li, 40, has been charged with second-degree murder. A psychiatric evaluation has been ordered for Li.
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