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  1. I went the year before, very nice to see these old school bikes out there. How about the newer 250cc' class? That race sounds like a swarm of killer bees, badass!
  2. That's awesome! Are they members here? It's rare to see vinate dune machines, once saw a Tecate out there & it was mint!
  3. How awesome is that??? Good stuff!!!!!!
  4. how much does work like this cost? Looks awesome!
  5. I would post an add on E2S >> http://www.everything2stroke.com/
  6. Arriving Friday night, two Banshees, yfz450, trx450, ltr450
  7. What about the showers, will they be there again? Wondering if the banshee stator has enough juice to run it?
  8. Aaahh man, how sad. Never got to see him but I have his material in my Ipod, very funny guy! RIP Rob!
  9. I remember seeing this a while back, do you have pix of it all finished up? Really nice wheelie machine!
  10. I don't need anything but I'll be there Saturday.
  11. It only takes a minute, please support 2 stroke racing! Link: Two Stroke Petition in AMA MX and SX Racing This petition was generated to enact the following change to the 2011 AMA Pro Racing Rulebook Section 3.1: Allow 100-150cc 2-strokes in the 250 class and 151-300cc 2-strokes in the 450 class. This petition is to allow equal opportunity for the inclusion of 2-stroke racing machines within the AMA sanctioned Professional Motocross and Supercross events in the continental United States.
  12. That link up there has random vegas stuff, is there a specific link for show specials?
  13. Way cool pics, love the steep dune pics.. Love to sit at the botto, dump the clutch and launch off the top!
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