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  1. According to the LEO's and team captains that I know, they had a permit from the BLM and permission to park on Dumont Dunes Road.
  2. Nice spring packs Pat. They almost look new. The new hangers look good. I'm sure they will smooth the ride inside the trailer. When I did my spring hangers, they didn't have this setup for triple axel trailers.
  3. Terry, "A copy of their signed volunteer agreement"? Will we get this at the signup location? I don't remember this for past cleanups. Doesn't matter to me as I have a yearly holiday pass. Will BLM pass on the hot dogs, chips and drink?? Thanks for all your efforts Terry!!! They are appreciated! Bob
  4. Thanks for all your hard work and the update! Bob
  5. Hi Terry, don't mean to bug you, but was there anything of interest at the BLM meeting? Thanks, Bob
  6. Hi Terry. I know it's a little early, but - - - - - anything worthwhile at the BLM meeting today? Thanks for your service to our sport!!
  7. Newly, do you know where and when this incident happened?
  8. Terry, I'm hearing lots of crickets. Has anyone expressed any interest?
  9. Bruce, I'm not sure where you are going with this new thread. Your post seeks input about law enforcement, and has an underlying tone of "I want to hear all the negative input I can". Maybe that's not what you intended to say, however, IMHO that's the way I read it. You crashed several months ago and were supportive of the LE efforts to help you. What happened? The original BPGuy post was only soliciting support for upcoming cuts to the BP and requested those in support to sign a petition. There was never any mention that LE is the most dangerous job in America. We never said we were "Gods" and not subject to having bad cops in our ranks. It does happen and the process to ferret out these rogues is quite fair and through. I really doubt any explanation of the process would satisfy you, or others with your belief that LE is overpaid and corrupt. No matter what evidence is presented to you, you will not believe it. Those with this mindset believe there is a conspiracy to conceal the truth in all high profile situations. With the posts you have put up, it wouldn't surprise me if you thought the moon landing was a hoax. Could you please explain your agenda?
  10. You later post you are not trying to cause trouble. If that is the case, why do you post "you must make big bank, maybe you guys are over paid a little"? What is your profession Bansheeider? Could you do Tim's job?
  11. Bruce, have you ever proofread your posts?? The negativity and contempt you exude in your rantings, to me, shows your disdain, and lack of understanding for the requirements of law enforcement. Yes, there are more dangerous professions. Would you qualify to be a law enforcement officer?? Hopefully you are not in a dangerous job requiring you to put your life on the line to protect others. Thankfully, there are those of us who chose to enter the field of law enforcement! We're very proud of our service and realize not everyone is capable of performing the stressful duties required. You state, "that so called lunatic was created by law enforcement and will be covered up by the same", referring to Christopher Dorner. "Created by law enforcement"? What the heck are you talking about!? "Covered up"? You are so misinformed about the facts in this case, you have no "standing" (court term), to comment on them! Get a clue Bruce, you don't know what your are commenting about and need to back out! Could you put yourself in Tim's place and performed the duties depicted in the above photos?
  12. Tim, reread the e-mail I sent you earlier. I think my assessment was on target! Bob
  13. Terry and Pete. My fingers don't type fast enough and I read your responses right after I hit the post icon on my post. Terry, thanks for your input on the naming of the Banshee Boys. I still stand by my concerns about contacts between law enforcement and the users of Dumont Dunes. We need to get together and air our differences!
  14. Wasn't going to say anything, but - - - - . I think Bruce has a point here! Thinking back to the BLM meeting Tuesday. Nobody really wanted to hear the law enforcement concerns I tried to bring up. Sorry Terry, but what is the reputation the Banshee Boys have? I haven't heard it, but then again I pilot a rail. If I and six or seven Sandrockets line up at Banshee or comp, is that an "unauthorized" gathering? Please Terry, I'm not attacking you or BLM, just asking. Did the Banshee Boys advertise the event? Was it officiated? Prizes? Or was it just a "cherry patch" to pick? Being in law enforcement for many years I wonder, what about probable cause? Ok, I realize that LE can randomly walk about and the adage that "the eyes cannot trespass". They can look at the VINS and off-road stickers and develop their PC. If PC is found they can further their investigation, but - - - - why are they targeting this specific group? I don't know, I wasn't there. Maybe they went over to comp hill and did the same thing, I don't know. Has there been a problem at Dumont with non-registered OHV's and quads? This was something I wanted to explore at the BLM meeting, but - - - - as the facilitator (not you Terry) said, "we need to move along with the agenda". Law enforcement at Dumont is a necessary evil. The users of the dunes can't just think they can come to the dunes and do what they please! There are rules, laws and regulations to protect all of the users. However, there need to be guide lines for LE and a common sense approach. I've never seen the two BLM Rangers in the Neil Rideout photo. Where did they come from?? I've heard some not so flattering statements about Las Vegas BLM personnel and their attitude about the dunes. OK, I'm about done with this rant. One of the concerns I wanted to bring up at the BLM meeting was inter-relations and contacts between law enforcement and the users of the dunes. This might have been a good example of the friction between the two. I strongly believe a meeting between BLM, SBSD and other law enforcement agencies needs to take place and we can air our concerns, differences and thoughts to make our dunning experience more positive! In order to do this, the users of Dumont Dunes need to step up to the plate and participate!!
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