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    2006 dodge ram 3500 (and yes its blue)
    2004 kfx 700
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  1. Hello, I see you hiding! :-) Hope your having a good day

  2. HELLO SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hellllllllllloooo my smurfy friend! MISS YOU

  4. nice car i remember the smile on your face when your face when you drove it...it was meant to be.... congrats
  5. what a great weekend.... nice to meet some new people and catch up with others. thank you jodi for leading fun rides and for some pointers. i will be working on this season...trick or treating was a blast with the mcflurry.. thanks brice...fun to watch everyone . thanks again to everyone in camp for a great weekend
  6. yes a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU TOO JODI!!! for seeing me do the tumble down the hill.. and paul for coming to the resue :porn: still was a great weekend got some riding in fri afternnon and sat morning. great to see everyone !! lots of new cars out there that look sweet. as ther say a bad day a dumont is better than any good day at home..
  7. only a couple more hours. cant wait to ride in the sand and see everyone
  8. ^^^ ditto... sorry to say i avoid carter whenever possible
  9. thanks phil for your help....got mine the other day..
  10. got my pass thanks to phil....im ready to go... cant wait to see everyone and do some riding
  11. what a cutie cant wait to see her... congrats
  12. all goes as planned, i will be there also.... is it october yet ?????
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