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  1. Henderson Home for sale with .34 acre lot ,car lift in the yard. Home is a 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage, pool/spa for 225k. Call Jason at 702-301-7624 for more details

  2. Fastony, it's a turbo honda.... The car you're buying is a turbo subie, lol.
  3. Yeah I need to get a flatbed soon and borrow one for now. I have used Terry's in the past but it looks he's gonna use it this weekend. I'll hit Pete up and see if I can talk him into to loading both up. I need to get a move on getting my hauler and everything ready, this season is coming up quick. Thanks for the offer Newly.
  4. Newly, if you end up taking your flat bed out and have room, I'll throw my car on there and roll out with you Sunday morning.
  5. Just FYI, they don't issue stated value policies, so the value you give them is just a basis and not what you would get in case of stolen or total loss. I use them as well and am in process of switching insurance over to my new sandcar. I asked for additional insurance on my new car and they said they couldn't. Just a heads up, in case you ever have a claim.
  6. I vote Bert's wheelie pic as dune pic of the month for June.
  7. I only knew Bert for a few years, but he offered his help, advice, and friendship from the very first time I met him as if we had been friends forever. He had a huge heart and was so caring which is rare to see. Bert helped me more times than I can count. He has towed me when I was broke, lent a hand, tools, advice or whatever I needed. And he helped me learn the dunes and was there when I was new and lost the line or had an issue. There were times when I didn't even know he was near, but I look up and there is Bert to help out. He was like a big brother, always watching over the dunes and everyone. We were just starting to talk about kids and introducing them to the dunes now that I am a new dad. He had a lot of great advice and I truly looked up to him as a person, father, friend and Duner. I always looked forward to seeing and talking to Bert and for many more dune trips, talks and experiences. It is so sad, we had to lose him so soon and it will never be the same, not seeing him rolling through the dunes.
  8. It was a nice weekend as always, had a lot of fun, warm weather, and even some fast dune runs! I got in a little later Friday afternoon than I planned because I had to stop for a tire repair on the way out of town. So that put me in late Friday afternoon and I just missed the cocktail run...aaarrggghhhh. The dunes were crowded especially anywhere near comp and the backsides of it. The first dune run out Saturday morning, Painter Joe broke a CV shortly into the run, so we stopped to help out and go back to camp for supplies, CV was swapped out in the dunes and he was back up and running. Saturday was busy everywhere, in the dunes, at vendor row, and Comp was as packed as I have ever seen it. The wind blew hard Saturday night and the dunes cleaned up well for Sunday. The dunes were not as busy Sunday and there was a lot of fresh sand, so we had some good dune runs. Especially the cocktail run led by Lou B., he picked some good wide open lines and we were pinned in 3rd and 4th gear the whole time...We stayed on the North side more towards Taledega where it seemed like it was an off weekend with very little people. Who says you cant dune on busy weekends?
  9. Wish knew about him when I was getting fab work on mine. I am not happy with the fab work I had done at scorpion Motorsports and have spent a lot of time and money getting it corrected.
  10. Definitely good times as always with the crew and new peeps I met. Had some great dune runs and im loving the new motor and power. I've definitely become way more comfortable and in sync with the car. Campfire was too funny with lost/ recovered phone and never ending no punch lines jokes from Marcia's standup comic debut and a few "fireworks". She's working on her NYE routine.... Haha. Who the hell invited the "stranger danger" guest who is absolutely NOT invited back.... Doahhhhh!!!! I had a GF intervention with my buddy after that mess ,hope it sticks!!!! Looking forward to our next outing.
  11. I will take 2 larges one of each color.
  12. JVZ

    Lifan Motor Upgrade

    Yeah they are some crazy lil drifters! I just re- did all of my grounds because I was worried they would come loose
  13. JVZ

    Lifan Motor Upgrade

    At last, project is complete. I took it out to the Dry Lake bed for a little test and tune shakedown and it definately rips! Im amazed at the difference in power and the fun factor just tripled. The project definately required more time, parts, and trial and error than I anticipated but was worth it. A couple of things I learned along the way, the Cobra under exhaust does work and will clear the starter (also sounds great). The chinese carbs that come with them are not very good quality. The one I received had a stuck slide right out of the box, bowl leaked, and lost the screw on the choke plate (not while it was running thankfully). So I ordered a Mikuni VM 20 carb which I was told was actually bigger than the Chinese 22-24mm carbs (Hondaatc70.com), I put the Mikuni on and it is not only easier to tune, makes it run better, but it give the tank more clearance. I put the new motor in with the carb and manifold spacer on and still cleared the tank. The only thing I had to do was bend the reserve fitting on the tank straight down. No hammering, welding or any other modifications. Also, I read that using a hotter plug NGK C6HSA is better and should eliminate any fouling issues, which I do have. Im putting the new plug and will retest, so we will see.
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