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Everything posted by sandmandan

  1. 60 degrees but rained all night. Still sprinkling.
  2. I’ll be there on the 26th staying through the weekend.
  3. It belongs to my Friend. She put it on the Facebook site but didn’t know how to put it on here. Any chance that you found it? Dan
  4. Lost galaxy S-7, with pink Otter box case, near bathroom #6.
  5. 15 is still closed Baker to NV state line.
  6. Beautiful day today. Lived through drizzle all day yesterday. Time to play!!
  7. Perfect weather. 59 degrees and sunny. Place is empty.
  8. I just got here! Under the awning cocktail in hand!!
  9. We hope to be there night of the 23rd!!
  10. Headed out Christmas Eve headed home New Years Day.
  11. My Wife and I are hosting a tri-tip feed on Thursday night.  If you’re there, please come on over. 

    1. sanduner


      Hey Dan, my name is Amy and we plan to be there before it gets dark on Thursday.   We would love to join you for dinner.  My dad will also be going so there will be a total of four.  Can we bring anything to contribute?

    2. sandmandan


      We’re bringing tri tip, mashed potatoes and salad.  Anything you want to add would be great!   Look forward to meeting you all. 

    3. sanduner


      Okay, sounds great. We will think of something to add.  Looking forward to meeting everybody next week.

  12. My Wife and I are hosting a tri-tip Feed on Thursday Dinner time.  If you’re there, please come on over. 

  13. My Wife and I are hosting a tri-tip feed on Thursday dinner time. If you’re there please come on over. 

  14. My Wife and I are hosting a tri tip feed on Thursday night. If youre there by dinner, please come on over. 

  15. Weather is looking good for the roundup!!
  16. Found a “quick jack” near the entrance road. Just describe it and I’ll find a way to get it back to you.
  17. Some of our group started wearing helmets. Probably safer but for sure, tighten all of your harnesses. Accidents suck but preventable injuries are worse.
  18. Correct. Also, bad habit of not cinching his shoulder belts tight which allowed him to fly around more during the crash.
  19. Beautiful morning! 55 degrees. Not crowded but wet clumpy sand. Lots of tracks. Light breeze.
  20. He’s part of our group. He’s actually at Dumont now, with us. Very lucky to have a bad gash on his head, 9 staples, and some nasty bruises. Very lucky, but he’s going to be just fine.
  21. New update. Worst wind I’ve ever seen at Dumont! Absolutely howling!!
  22. We’ll be there on Wed afternoon. I’ll be doing a tri tip feed for anyone who makes it out for Dinner on Thursday. Spread the word and let me know if you’re in for Thursday!!
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