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My experience in dealing with these situations has shown me there is a good possibility she ran off with an older boyfriend. I would start checking any social media sites she frequents on, text messages, talk to friends, etc... learn as much about her as you can and who she has been conversing with, this can maybe lead you to someone you never knew she was talking to or acquainted with. If you do find her, turn her over to law enforcement immediately for processing and questioning.

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This is not good. Haveing been a foster parent for many years you hope for the best. My wife and I put out our thoughts and prays for this child to be just hanging out while her parents are worried sick, driving all over the place, huting down leads, lookin places you would not get caught in if you were thinkin in your right mind. Man this brings back so much emotion. Hope for the best. Keep us all posted Kapt

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