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  1. After Monday and Tuesday even the calender says W T F
  2. New rig for deep sea fishing, any one up for a trip to Catalina ? In the mood to catch me a big yellow tail!
  3. LoL I can picture you driving down the street, with the wind in your hair and playing "Bad to the Bone" Al Bundy style, NICE CAR!
  4. Go with the manufacturers battery. Don't go China cheap.
  5. If you want basic home monitoring, any big alarm company vendor will do the same job as the other, some times you can go with a local vendor and get a great deal. Make sure you do a complete walkthough of your house before anything is installed. installing door sensors at EVERY door in your house is kinda of a waste, in example, if your dinning room and living room are connected, as most are homes with a skidding glass door, you would be better installing a motion sensor to monitor motion in both rooms and any movement at the door instead of installing a door contact.... DONT DO THE WIRELESS SYSTEMS, you will have to budget for batteries for every device monthly.... kinda of a waste. DO invest the extra $5 bucks a month on the in home maintenance plan, this will save you lots if you ever need anything fixed, need the back up power batteries replaced in the dialer of the system and only have to pay for the cost a new device to be installed if you are adding a new sensor to the system, the labor is covered under the protection plan. CCTV is a whole different story, from box cameras, to domes, to night vision to PTZ's, I would spend the whole night explaining the differences in camera technology to you, though for a do it your self project, Costco sells a very nice system by Lorex Technologies. The DVR's (digital video recorders) are pretty high quality and their cameras are not to bad either. You will pay about $1,500.00 for this lower end camera system, but it will do its job and be reliable, I have 12 cameras set up at my house with a Lorex DVR, and the Lorex DVR has held up great for the last 5 years. I upgraded the cameras to commercial type cameras, you will need to do this if you want the best quality picture. If your serious about a camera system, PM me and I will guide you in the right direction. With any security upgrade, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend, posting yard signage that you have an alarm monitoring system and putting some cameras up would be a great deterrent to the amateur or opportunistic thief, but they are less effective with the seasoned or professional criminal.
  6. "Woooo WOOOOOO, We ja do it fo Dekorateon manG!! Jas fo Dekorateon !!" Old but a classic!!
  7. Wax house makes great products. If your using a "oxidation" removing buffing wax, be careful as you can dull the gel coat. If you just want the luster to come back, use a good polish for gel coat then seal it with a good was for gel coats.
  8. Get a bill of sale from you friend, fill out necessary forms at DMV, most likely, you will need to send a certified letter to the last registered owner with a time frame of when to respond before the DMV transfers ownership to you. If he doesn't contest the transfer, then you get your title.
  9. LOL!! Print it and put it in an envelope marked "I told you so!"
  10. LoL that totally looked like the Valero station in Baker!!
  11. I never tried on an IPhone Capt, but don't see why it wouldn't, you are pretty much making your computer recognize your device as a external USB hard drive or storage media.
  12. Great to hear BP, netgear makes pretty good products for home use.
  13. Dosnt ITunes sync your music ? If you are having trouble with ITunes not syncing your IPOD, follow the steps below. Ok so first download the latest version of I tunes, Then connect your IPOD to your computer, BUT DO NOT RUN ITUNES, this will be done at the end. then go to your "my computer" icon and open it.When you open up the "my computer" window, at the top bar, select "tools" and then go down to "folder options", a new window will pop up, click on the "view" tab, you will see some options pop up in the window, under "hidden files and folders" click on "show hidden files and folders. and "apply" and then "ok". Go back to the "my computer window", you Ipod should show up as a mass storage device drive, double click on it and you will see all the folders on your ipod. The "hidden folders" will display in a washed our color format. If I remember correctly, I think the folder the music is under is named something like "ipod_cache" open it up and there will be a folder in there marked "music", when you open that folder, the folders inside of it are labeled like "F01, F02, etc..." transfer those folders somewhere on your computer. After thats done, you can drop the music from each folder into ITunes and there you go..... If you need more details, let me know.
  14. My experience in dealing with these situations has shown me there is a good possibility she ran off with an older boyfriend. I would start checking any social media sites she frequents on, text messages, talk to friends, etc... learn as much about her as you can and who she has been conversing with, this can maybe lead you to someone you never knew she was talking to or acquainted with. If you do find her, turn her over to law enforcement immediately for processing and questioning.
  15. Here's my BEFORE You upgrade your router, check with your internet service provider to see what routers are compatible with their service. Some internet providers only let you use their cheap crappy china routers. BEFORE You replace anything, go into your routers configuration and change the channel it is broadcasting its internet signal on. EVERYONE has wireless now, if you have to many devices transmitting on same channel within the same band of the radio wave spectrum, that can be an issue. Is your router on top of or near your microwave ? I solved a friends internet issue by relocating his router away from his microwave... How many devices do you have in use at once while you are on you Wii console ? On your computer, run an internet speed test and see what kind of down and up speed you have, as stated in posts above, you might need to upgrade your connection. You would be having a lot more computer issues if your system was infected with a bot net program, so I don't think its your computer causing any of your connection issues. and blah blah blah blah blah.... get rid of the crappy cable tv internet providers, i have verizon fios adn have never had any issues.
  16. Agreed, I have a raptor 350, pretty much same engine. You can actually remove the jets without taking off the carb. Just loosen up the two clamps with an allen wrench that hold the carb to the air box and head elbow, pinch off the fuel line and remove from carb, twist towards the clutch handle side and with a small philips head screwdriver, remove the 4 screws on the bottom to remove the bowl. Take care to notate that there is a longer screw than the other 3, this one holds the small bracket for your carb adjust. Remove the pilot jet, the smallest one, with a flat head screwdriver, I then just got a piece of old cable TV wire, stripped it and used the center copper wire to clean mine out, worked like a charm. I suggest you give the whole carb a good spray with carb cleaner while you have it open and remove your main jet as well and clean it out also. When you tighten the jets back up, don't over tighten or you will make the job for you a lot harder in the future.
  17. Depending on what type of Jet's you decide to use, I would call the jet manufacturer and ask them what your set up is and go from there. Be carefull and dont go by the number sizes as some manufactures sizes indicate the orifice of the jet and others indicate their jet size by the fuel flow that flows through the jet. Last time i installed a jet set on my 350 now bored to 459, i received my jet spec's from HMF's forum. They had no issue giving me jet numbers.
  18. LoL, this sounds like one of those "best of craigslist" ads. Pete, you should start a sub forum called "DHarmony" for this guy.
  19. If its a honda based engine on a China quad, i would have to make a good guess of it being the GY6 engine, which was a scooter engine used by Honda in the 80's and they discontinued it so everyone started copying it. You can get a new engine for around 200 bucks. They will run pretty good, just watch all the rubber parts on them from the spark plug wire to all the bushings, etc.. I would replace everything that is rubber little by little. That is the only issue i have had with my older daughters 150 Hibird quad, runs like a champ still after 2 years and they ride that thing alot. Also, get some extra chains or buy a good one, because the cheap ones stretch really easy beyond adjustment. Hope this helps you.
  20. What you have is a firearms permit issued through California BSIS which authorizes you to carry a weapon that you registered and qualified with while employed in the capacity of a security officer, have a valid guard card and are on official duty or in route to or from work. I believe in California, you can only obtain a CCW through your local city or county with good cause and that "cause" better be a good one when applying for it.
  21. :thumbsdown: :no: Never scared me, made me jump, or built me up one bit.... Unless your a fan of fake paranormal stuff, go and watch it, but I would have had a better time watching paint dry.
  22. I have never heard of an OPEN CARRY permit.
  23. REALLY do your homework before you try to open carry in California. Depending on what jurisdiction you carry in, as mentioned by some DDR members, the outcome of your contact with law enforcement will be predicated on what their department procedures and training. There is a member on the open carry site who though he was doing everything correct and regardless was arrested and convicted. I suggest if you really want to carry a weapon, get a CCW, though even with a CCW, if you are ever put in a scenario of life of death and you decide to use your weapon, be ready to be treated as guilty until proven innocent, be ready to have your firearm dissembled, tested, etc.. to the point when its returned, you'd would not want to fire it. In our litigious society, your faith can be in the hands of a jury which can be swayed by whom has the best attorney. Think about the legal costs you would have to manage in the case you used your weapon to protect yourself though the other side sees it as your murdering their loved one, that can mean a lot of time and mula in court.
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