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  1. Last time we went to Dumont, I got less than 5 miles from the house and the pass side wheel well was smoking like crazy...blew the bearings/hub...luckily I was able to nurse it home and get it fixed in a cpl hrs
  2. Will be fine however you will notice a huge difference with paddles. For years I ran my 800 w/out em....finally bought some and WOW.....I could go everywhere the 1k's would, not as quick however, but still got there.
  3. Holycrap...I wanna go just to eat the food at Grills Gone Wild. ..daaaaayum
  4. Damn, he could have made a sandwich up there. ...hahah.
  5. He copied me...."Sideways".....#gotsidewayssuspension ?? hahahah....Those whoops fk you up
  6. I used to take I15 through Baker just in case I was to break down (more traffic and patrols). That damn hill killed me though being that I use a half ton to tow with. I ended up exploding a piston one trip on the way back. Since I now live in Mts Edge, I take Tecopa...I can get there in what seems like 90mins. LOVE IT!
  7. I can vouch that this is a very clean unit and well kept.
  8. Hey, that's my ride in the bottom left corner.......lol
  9. his legs were tired and then he said "That's it, I'm done!"
  10. Every day was pretty damn warm except for Saturday...perfect conditions. We were on a run Friday and good thing I still drive the 800...if I would have been 3sec faster, I would have been t-boned by a sandrail haulin ass to catch his group.
  11. A nice 74° right now. Light breeze, making it awesome out. Dunes were mostly smooth today. About 20 total vehicles at Comp as of about an hour ago, including our 6. Couldn't ask for better weather. A little overcast either with the clouds opening up a bit laster in the afternoon.
  12. That was friggin great!!! Thanks for filming and sharing.
  13. I live in Mts Edge and we do 160 through Pahrump then past Tecopa, into Pahrump and take the road up to Shoshone...it's a bit longer than Tecopa way, but the road is way smoother.
  14. I usually order mine online. I used to have NV reg but was late re-registering it one year and they wanted to charge me $25 late fee for a $20 sticker....plus, who cares if it's late, it's a fuggin OHV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F them!
  15. Awww man....Love you bfast burritos and biscuits and gravy...The BEST!!!!
  16. I have the baby Q and love it. Wish it was bigger but not too bad.
  17. We are as well. We'll be heading up on Tues and leaving Saturday....Looked at the weather and OF COURSE, expecting rain. Happens every damn time we go up there.
  18. Not sure why they come out not rotated...they are fine on my computer. Maybe Pete can fix them?!?!?! Jello Shot
  19. Stuck behind this damn thing Workout time this was a workout too Thursday Morning
  20. Okay, I have a few free minutes here at work so I can write my Trip Report (unfortunately with no pics, I can't access them from a work computer....damn gov't computers). So, my vacation started on Monday due to hosting a Super Bowl party and having to clean up the house on Monday and then getting the hauler and prepping it on Tuesday. We (my wife, puppies and myself) headed out on Wednesday around 1130am....after stopping at a few gas stations that had pumps out of service for the easy pull through for trailers, finally found one on the way to Shoshone...gassed up and on our way. We got stuck behind some guy in a grader tracktor who was going about 15-20mph and not pulling off, finally passed his dumbass and made the turn on the dirt road to D....road was perfect. Pull in to camp by crapper 9 and saw there were only a handful of trailers out that early. NIIIICE. Unloaded the trailer, set up, got a nice workout in from unloading 3/4 of a cord of wood from the truck to the fire pit, and then making a new fire pit from an old one....Whew...wiped out. Just as I finish, our friends pull in and helped them unload as well. After that it was time for a cold beer and a quick dinner. Drank, ate and hung around the fire to wind down. Woke up Thursday (and through out the night with the famous Dumont Night Winds) to not that many more people. Ate breakfast, hung out, played some cornhole, then decided it was time for a nice little ride. Off we go...dunes - N Pole - dunes - S Pole - dunes - Comp - back to camp. Did our fair share of cleaning up everyone's trash that they decided to leave behind at all stopping places and also left a Jello Shot for one lucky person in the S Pole mail box (which never got taken...thinking it was due to it looked like a urine sample....BUT I posted on FB that it was there for the taking). Got back to camp, relaxed some more, had a wonderful Speghetti dinner followed by good times around the campfire. Headed inside for a movie (Ride Along 2...pretty funny). Woke numerous times again from the winds. Woke early as hell (like normal for me), fed the puppies, read some, then headed outside to see that some more people had arrived during the night...Now it's starting to fill up pretty good. Did the usual around camp then off for another ride to the usual stopping places then over to Vendor Row...browsed around, bought some $5 shirts, stopped by GTP to finally introduce myself to Mike since we always communicated via FaceySpace, then back to camp to await the arrival of another buddy with our camp. He finally got in so we rushed to get him set up and unloaded then it was time for Street Taco night....YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finished dinner, headed to the fire for refreshments and the usual campfire talk and watched everyone else pull in. Up early again on Saturday...WOW.....now the place looks like a busy holiday weekend. Hung out at camp for breakfast, cornhole and a few tasty beverages before heading over to watch some of the SxS wars. Decided that since mostly everyone was there, it would be a great time to go for a ride (N Pole, S Pole, Comp)....by that time the dunes were pretty rutted up (miss that Virgin Sand from Wednesday and Thursday). Headed back over to Vendow Row for some ice cream...YUM (again) and to look around for stuff that we don't need but just had to have..hahahha. Back to camp for left over tacos (had 6lbs of meat to begin with), beers and just good times. Headed to Comp for a bit around 9pm...holy sh*t...as soon as you come around the corner it was like going to EDC with all the lighted whips. Got there just intime to see that someone had just wrecked and the LEO and fellow duners were giving him/her a hand. Hung around for a bit more....watched underage kids drink and try to act like adults and then leave all their trash behind...a-holes!!!! Back to camp to wrap up the night with a movie "Bone Tomahawk".....hmmm.....not too sure about that one. Woke up early on Sunday.....sat around and started to slowly get packed up for the trip home. That has been our first major holiday in a few years (last one was a few yrs back for Halloween...we were living in Reno at the time and made the 10.5 hr drive for 2 days...ugh). Missed that place but not the huge crowds. I prefer non-holiday weekends when the sand is a little smoother. Since it's just about the end of the season for duning at the D, it's time for Coral Pink, Duck Creek and Marysvale UT (Piute Trail) for us. Until next time..........Cheers!!!!!!!
  21. I ordered some the other day...just got the ones for the outside..went with the ones that are flat-paneled, plugged em in in the garage to test them...bright as the sun.
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