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What have you lost at Dumont?

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Came back from Comp Hill friday night to grab my gopro to video all the rows of cars, realized I had not put any gas in my car so I added a quick few gallons and took off! If you guessed I left my gas cap off you are correct, I drove all friday night with no gas cap and worse, I got stuck in the sand and trying to get out I threw a wall of sand over my entire car not once, not twice but three times! So I didn't notice the gas cap was missing until after we got home, so now I am going to drain my tank and see how much sand is in there. UGH!

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Didn't realize my truck keys were in my hoodie pocket on our last ride of a day trip. (stupid) We stopped during the ride to let my sister try and ride the quad...I realized I had my wives dad's truck keys in my pocket....but where were mine?? I hauled back to the trucks to find them, truck locked, no keys...The sun was going down and my wife gave me that look like I was about to try to catch a bullet with my teeth. Did I mention I had family in town visiting? long story shorter, while everyone packed up the trailers and other truck, I looked around the dunes with about 15 minutes of usable light left....as I rolled back to the truck accepting my fate as a dead man, a guy came up from behind me that saw me looking for them at banshee. He FOUND them! I gave him $20 and my wife let me live to tell the story.

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