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My new ride


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I picked this up a week or so ago. I've never owned a KTM before, but I have to say, this bike is awesome! I took it to mormon wells pass, with a friend and it performed so well. It was like riding my 450. Lite, nimble, super powerful. I like it!



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You bet Pete. Mid july I want to do a Utah ride. I need to get some stuff on it first. I ordered some foot pegs, a rotor guard, and a magnetic drain plug today.

Next is this; http://mosko-moto.myshopify.com/collections/all/products/reckless-80lLooks like a good setup to me.

Have you bought anything from http://ktmtwins.com?It has some cool parts.

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I have ordered a few things from KTM Twins, but they take forever to ship and they are pretty much retail+ on everything they sell. It depends what you need, but sometimes you can find it cheaper and faster from other places. I have a Giant Loop Coyote which is very similar to that bag. The one you posted looks nice. Eventually I'd like to get a side rack/ luggage system for big trips and leave it off for when I hit places like Nelson and day loops near town. The loop luggage is tough for carrying a tent. Maybe I need a smaller tent. haha

Get a skidplate asap. Check out Flatland. http://flatlandracing.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=FR&Product_Code=24-46

Also this is a decent rack that you can carry a rotopax for extra fuel if you don't feel like dropping $1400 on a RR tank. lol http://www.nomadic-racks.com/store#!/KTM-690-Dual-Sport-rack-2008-present/p/26154096/category=976076

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I picked up the luggage and the skid plate today. Bad AS$ foot pegs, seat, and rear rotor guard yesterday. I think I better wait on anything else before my wife catches on. LoL! I love outfitting a new bike! It's so much fun.

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So I got some new parts on. But I can't get the Fast Way Adventure pegs on. It's driving me nuts! I think I ordered the 2014 set.. IDK? Still working on it. Well not really, its to hot.

BPGuy, I had bought all that stuff before you had responded. Too bad for me for sure, i spent too much. I also got a Seat Concept seat with orange stitching.. It looks good. I just don't have a pic yet.

But if you guys have a hookup for this...


I want it bad!




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