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Trip report from Wed-Fri


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2nd trip this season in the bag, clear and practically windless, good unless you're a wind farmer or a glider. After 3 years of the little dunes, it's time to move it on over to the Bigs. Great choice, lots more action, although the restrooms are an absolute disaster. I don't throw that term around lightly, but come on, where are our season pass funds going to.....no toliet paper, dookie on the seat, floor, in the piles of sand/paper....I've seen more "attractive" bathroom situations in a public park in Barstow. Again, wow, guess that's how it goes but come on, it's a few weeks after Halloween. Anyway, on with the report!

You guys/ladies where correct, there's no bad camp spot. I arrived on Wednesday night after work, quick night ride and camp set up before campfire. There were about 15 rigs come morning light. About 10 more arrived before sundown. Friday morning they started pouring in, more people then I expected midweek/Thursday. 8 buggies came from a camp on the ridge overlooking the pay station and were a blast to see shredding comp hill. The wonderful noises and turbos remind me of the drag racing days. Not to mention the smell of good ol race gas. A few side by side groups, mostly quads though, and even a few fellow 2 wheelers. A duece too, plus a very busy Mercedes Benz testing team outfitted with the latest full size luxury selection in white, black and gold. They were literally trying to destory these SUVs, side hill testing in full sand mode, up in the big dunes, little dunes, actually a bit impressed they didn't roll or get stuck much. A quite the entertainment!

The contrast to the sights from last month were mostly in the water levels. You'll get your tires wet but it's nice to see just enough water still. Those historic floods were epic though, glad I was around last month to witness it. Temps were in the high 60's Thurday, cool but not cold into the evening. 76 deg was the temp when I departed 1:30 Friday....yes, just about perfect. Not bad at all for mid Nov. Loved it. Did lots of riding but was hitting it with reserve since I'm riding a new to me bike. Ahhh, so much happier with a 450 than my old 250 smoker. Just following the natural progression....eventually that ends with a long travel v8 buggy if I'm not mistaken.....

Here's the pics:

Thursday sunset ride


Lake Dumont was nice and glassy


"Quicksand", anyone seen him before? Car has 4 paddles in the back and climbed like a beast


All things sand: Board, bag, dunes


Benz sand testing team


Dune score! Gotta keep your eyes open for the treasures. Works fine. Anyone missing a tape?


Easy access


Minimal tracks Thurday am


"Florence". Belongs to the Gypsy Timetravelers and lives currently in Tecopa. Good people and worth the trip to see all the fabs/metal work


BTW, who goes out midweek? It would be great to meet some fellow DDRs and I'm not one to just rush up on someones camp. Cheers!

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