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Honda 3.5 VS Ford EcoBoost 3.5


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Hey guys I am new to DDR so I thought I would say hi and ask some questions! 


I have 2.0 Nissan turbo in my car now and it has been a great motor but I want more power for the dunes and do not really want to start blowing it up with bigger turbos and more boost so I am looking to do a swap for a V6. 


The Honda is tried and true in the dunes but the Ford Ecoboost seems to be a really great option are any of you running one? 



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Hey David! Glad you signed up man. 


I am very happy with the power and reliability of my Honda 3.5. I don't think you can beat it for the money. The Ford 3.5 EcoBoost probably runs great, but it's going to cost you an arm and a leg. I've yet to see one in a sandcar out there. You can pick up a complete Honda 3.5 motor, harness and ECM for about $1000 or less. 



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I am running the stock ECM, but with some custom stuff done to eliminate the trans part of it so it runs right. BTW, I didn't build it. It has a separate controller to drive two additional injectors that spray just before the throttle body. With this setup I run 10 psi of boost on race gas. 

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I found the 3.5 EcoBoost weighs 417 pounds and the Honda 3.5 weighs 270 so say 317 with turbo setup. 100 pounds less hanging off the back of my car is a lot and being a single shock car I want to be as light as possible so I am really liking the honda. 


Do you normally run Pump gas? 


The 3.5 Honda has so many variations are there any to avoid? 


It looks like the 2013 and newer J35Y1 make 278 hp stock are those the ones you want to turbo?






I have fully built 091 but was planning on putting in a 2D when I do the engine swap. 



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I run race gas. You have to with the turbo, but it's very efficient and doesn't go through that much fuel. 


My motor came out of a 2003 Odyssey. I think the newer ones might be higher compression, but I'm not that sure. I'd have to ask my Honda buddies in camp. They know more about them than me. I'm not sure which particular 3.5 is the one to get and what the cutoff year is. I'll see if I can find out.


@Randog, @louB, @KRUSTY?? 

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The Ford 3.5L has serious water pump issues. The water pump is internal (dumb design), and when it fails it dumps coolant into the crankcase and seizes the motor. Its a known and common issue with them, and kept me from buying a new Explorer personally.

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