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2 hours ago, sand chick said:


Love this pic just because it's begging for a caption! :D

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1 hour ago, 04toy said:

Love this pic just because it's begging for a caption! :D

It totally needs to be a meme! Haha!!

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2018 summer off road adventure:

How many off road permit stickers can you spot on our X3 in the pic? 44B043E1-6525-40E4-850B-51957EFE7451.thumb.jpeg.bcf38dee1c5ed0bb85ce9d89f237b007.jpeg

No kidding their are 3 more additional since we snapped this pic: Cal City and Sturgis. 

Sturgis they have it down.  You buy an off road permit and for additional money a limited street permit. We drove the X3 to Deadwood - no hassle parking in in front of the No.10 Saloon. 


This pic is one leg of our summer off road trip.

Rainbow Falls Colorado. 

Note the Colorado permit on the LR shock. 

We got the permit at a ranger station. We could feel the hate in the air from the girl selling it to us. 

In Colorado their are several types of Ranger stations and ya have to pick the correct one that sells the permits. 

A genuine hassle. 


Wife breaking the law feeding Prairie Dogs and wild Burros:





Edited by Dive Bar Casanova

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We made it as far North as St Anthony’s for some duning and the total eclipse. 

What luck RVs and trucks from NASA camped around us and set up their telescopes and put on a cool show the night before the eclipse. 

Our Neices and their friends were along from Switzerland to Dune and experience the eclipse and got a first class experience. 


St Anthony’s total eclipse:



The older ladies in hats are NASA astronomers. They let the girls look through their gas filled tracking telescopes and put ona cool astronomy show the night before:



Then we dropped down to Marysvale Utah, a SXS friendly town with ample miles of trails: 



St Anthony’s.: 



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At St Anthony's a really cool German Tourist couple in a Road Bear rented RV approached us and asked if the girls would be in their dune wedding. The girls accepted the invite and answered in German to the couples surprise.

They found a pastor in town to do it and pulled a license.

A girl playing her guitar in camp they noticed they asked to be their orchestra and spotting my case of COSTCO champagne,,, we offered to be the bartenders.


The girls put on nice cloths and tart makeup even though I told them in the dunes that's not necessary. They replied:  "Hochzeitsfotos sind für immer wir müssen unser Bestes geben."

Something about pictures are forever so look good.


Later we came across a couple that had rented SXS and lawn darted it over a Razor. They happened to pick the biggest razorback out there, went straight for it looking ok from the back side and sadly didn't survive.

I dunno about renting SxS's on the dunes but having said that 99% of people that rent them have good fun with no problems other than getting stuck.


Their is a farmer who's farm is just next to the dunes.

He has a Deuce and a half rigged for the sand and will help and tow back to camp any duner in distress,,, no charge.

We talked to him and he was really cool.

"The two types of bees you see inspecting you don't sting, they are cutter bees that tend to the crops" he told us. "They nip the crops leaves that cause the the leaf to propagate".

So hold that thought when in St Anthony's. Lot's of non-stinging bees.

Edited by Dive Bar Casanova

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