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Another Newbie SXS Question!!

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Coming from quads and jeeps, now on to a 2016 RZR1000 xp4.  I've gone all over the dunes, up and down, unstoppable on my YFZ450 quad.  Just not sure how to take these in a SXS?? 

Basic newbie questions:

1.  How well do they handle with stock tires in the dunes?  I've read to keep them at 12 psi, but others tell me 20 psi?  

2.  What's the best way to maneuver through the dunes, big bowls, etc... with this setup?

3.  How to not get stuck in a bad spot?

4.  How to keep from rolling over (or breaking something) during transitions, surprise drop offs, witch eyes, and blind whoops while on the gas???

5.  Are paddle tires really worth it, and if so, will only paddles in the rear be OK, and stock tires in the front?


Thanks DDR community, I know a lot of you guys run these SXS!



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I'm hoping some of you experience folks will respond here too!

I'm planning my first trip to Dumont Dunes some time early next year and could use some tips as well. The only times I've ever been in sand was on a motorcycle and I usually tried to avoid it, whenever I could.


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1. Stock tires will work, just not as good as paddles. How many people will be in your machine? If you and 1 passenger, do 8psi rear 10 front. If 4 do 10 rear 12 front. Having 2 psi more In the front will help engage 4wd. And you need to be in 4wd. 


2. Use 4wd. 


3. Use 4wd. Don't ever stop pointing uphill, or sideways. Only pointing down. If you are side hilling, or going around a bowl, or transitioning... don't slow down to much, you'll roll. When in doubt, throttle out very much applies.


4. Obviously transition parallel to the dune. Turn into it, and just let it transition over. Trust your machine. Don't turn your wheel back into the dune once you transition, you will roll. Just keep rolling straight along the top or turn down. 


The gas is your friend. If your ass end starts sliding out because you're going to slow around a bowl or whatever, push the skinny pedal. It will straighten you out. Don't slow down to much while transitioning, you'll roll. Use the gas. 


Like I said, when in doubt..throttle out. 


Don't buy them right away. If you are a frequent duner and know you'll be coming back quite a bit, yes, paddles make a huge huge difference. 


Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions. I'll try to help you out the best I can.

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I appreciate the tips!  I will definitely let you know if I come up with more questions, I know I will!


I like your emphasis on rolling........that's my greatest fear!  Don't wanna risk anyone getting hurt, or ruining the car!😬

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