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Halloween Vendors 2020 🎃✨

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Hey there!

We are a mobile coffee shop that vends every major holiday at Dumont Dunes⛰

We wanted to start this post so you know what to look forward too and hopefully other vendors can post their products on here as well!


Cant wait to see you all this Halloween 🎃✨








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Applying now to BLM for vendor permit, and plan on being out for Halloween weekend and Major Holidays that are forthcoming. 

AirMedCare Network is the largest Air Ambulance membership program in the United States. 

Locally most of you will recognize us as REACH Air Medical Services.  

Our membership program eliminates the cost of a flight when flown by any of our over 320 network providers across 38 states. 

Membership starts at $65 a year covering your entire household. You don't have to be a member to be flown by us, membership simply eliminates the cost. We have partnerships with ASA, CORVA, Cal4Wheel, AMA, and countless others.  


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Vendor row update. I spoke with the BLM and there will be no food vending permits allowed by the San Bernardino Health Dept at this time. Doesn't make much sense to me since so many businesses in CA are open. Not to mention vendor row is outdoors. Probably because its BLM land. 👎


Also vendor row will be reconfigured to allow for social distancing. 

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Has any vendors heard back from the BLM for Halloween Vendor Permits? I have emailed and called every few days. I heard back in July from Cecilia Franklin, but I have not heard from her since. 

From: Franklin, Cecilia T 
Sent: Wednesday, July 8, 2020 3:12 PM
Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL] RE: BLM Vendor Permit 2020


You will be able to vend. Due to covid right now things are a little backed up but will get permits out before Halloween as long as we are given the ok for vendors.



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40 minutes ago, AirMedCare Network/REACH said:

Finally spoke to Cecilia Franklin and awaiting approval of our vendor permit.  I hope to see all of you Halloween weekend. 


I think one free business plug is enough. If you are interested in advertising packages that help support this website, feel free to contact me. 

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6 minutes ago, dunefreak said:


I think one free business plug is enough. If you are interested in advertising packages that help support this website, feel free to contact me. 

My apologies sir, no ill will intended. Thank you for the heads up and I appreciate your feedback.

I am interested in helping to support y'all. 

If you can send information that I can pass on to my area director I would love that. 

You can send that to me  david.stumbaugh@gmr.net

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