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Who's at Dumont for Thanksgiving right now?


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Help... We are in Dumont. We need help if anyone has a truck with a wench. We have 2 trucks stuck that we're trying to recover a crashed razor. We are towards the back of the dunes towards the North Pole and right down the woops on the right 


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16 hours ago, dunefreak said:

Sweet! Nobody! LOL Happy Thanksgiving.


Looks nothing like Halloween out there. Thats a good thing I guess other than the sand in the turkey.



Wow thanks for sharing... Yeah big difference form Halloween ..................

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I was there, Friday till today .  Great time, but the music. 


My neighbor played mariachi, but was considerate, no issue.   At the same time there was an unbelievably loud live concert of mariachi going at the north end... I was at least 1500 feet away and it was loud and clear. I walked to actually find it. 

Then later Saturday...after 11 till 12.. A different neighbor played american music unbelievably loud.  He was an inconsiderate a-hole.  He took a speaker and put it at the back of his trailer facing out. I would be embarrassed to be associated with the ignorant prick. 


He had a nice broken sand rail and rzr with a stacker trailer.  If your on here, I didn't come over, cause I like my freedom and I bet you like walking, but I couldn't hear my tv in my trailer. 


If your a big man , I'll be glad to meet you, so you can apologize and buy me a ribeye.  If not, consider yourself lucky.


No more holiday weekends for me, the asshats can have it. 


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He may have been tired of listening to the other music, prob a stressful weekend if car broke as well, no excuse for actions but everyone needs to relax a bit these days.. Kudos to you for not going over there and escalating things. Cheers!

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Someone should put up a sign, "loud music, inconsiderate, disrespectful a holes, turn left... Camp near bathroom 9".... The ground is a little harder so it's a safety concern, fewer falls from dancing in sand, and easier to pick up the left overs. 


Anybody notice all the rangers were gone in Sunday? That was different. 

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4 hours ago, ktm love73 said:

um no were not even supposed to get together or rally because of coronavirus but if it comes to getting someone banned good luck. lol

Church services and Protesting is exempt from Covid gathering rules....:usa:

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