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08 Summer Night Drags: Pics, stories, and CRAZINESS!


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Not sure how the night drags thread got turned into talking about rides in my car, but ok. :laughing::dunno:

I only rode in petes car 1 time and that was the OG red car :P one quick trip to the hill to look for someone then back to camp.. I dont ask.. if offered ill go.. kinda feel retarded bout last weekend though.. where ya goin pete. to check out that rolled truck cool start to climb in and got the uhhh no seats taken.. DOH! :banghead: Sometimes you take things for granted and forget your manners..

Nick I don't care who rides in the passenger seat. Usually Anna is always rolling with me so I don't even ask anyone else since there isn't a seat available. If the seat is empty, let's go! You could have jumped in the other morning, but Chris (deulordie) and I already planned on cruising over to check that truck out and he was off grabbing his camera first. If he wasn't already going with me....hell I wouldn't have given 2 chits if you just jumped in without asking. If you ever see the seat open, please don't hesitate to ask. I don't even think of asking sometimes cause I am just anxious to go dune now now now. :drunk::beercheers:

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