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  2. Funco Gen 2 with 2.7L twin turbo honda and 091 gearbox in excellent condition! This car was completely rebuilt three years ago. Frame was sandblasted and powder coated, all new hardware and many other new parts. 091 transmission was rebuilt by RC in Vegas. New motor last season. This car is very reliable and a family favorite with room for 5. I bought a new sandrail wife says this one must go! Open to trades... Razor Quad Other? Call or txt Val at 702-204-3987
  3. Today
  4. Post up a pic and then we'll vote for November DPOM. Dune Pic of the Month Rules 1. The picture must be YOURS. You cannot post any photos you did not take. 2. The picture must not have any watermarks or logos on it. 3. The picture must be at least 600 x 600 pixels. 4. The picture must abide by the rules of this board and be DUMONT related. 5. By posting a photo, you allow DDR to use it on our webpages & social media.
  5. Long travel 2 seat turbo sandcar $9,000

  6. Yesterday
  7. RV Rental in Dumont?

    I already suggested them. He said they are booked for Halloween.
  8. rzr 800 paddles wheel spares

    Click the MARK AS SOLD button please. That will delete it.
  9. RZR 800 SSV works stereo

    Click the MARK AS SOLD button please. That will delete it.
  10. RZR 800 SSV works stereo

    sold delete
  11. rzr 800 paddles wheel spares

    long gone please delete
  12. RV Rental in Dumont?

    https://www.kellysrvrentals.com/ will drop a rv at Dumont for you
  13. Roof on rail

    I replied to your other thread.
  14. For sale. 2012 Polaris RZR900 XP4 2100miles, well taken care of, 1 owner, dealer serviced & maintained. No damage, clean (very good) conditon, No rollovers. factory power steering. This RZR has been very well taken care of and never abused. Seats and tires are in great shape. Extras. Dragon fire dual exhaust. (Properly tuned by dealer) Polairs light bar Polaris hard top Polaris quarter windshield Polairs trailing arm gaurds Set of mounted paddles and wheels (rear, new condition) Dual LED whips (Tribal Red/white/Blue colors) with quick disconnects. Quick disconnect flag mount. Text mon-fri 6-3:30pm, call after 3 or on weekends 661-733-0220. Kevin
  15. Anyone have a welder

    Hey DDR, we are near bathroom 13, anyone have a welder???
  16. Welder??

    Any one have a welder out here? We have cash!
  17. Roof on rail

    Will .040 thick aluminium work for sides and roof on my Sandrail
  18. Last week
  19. Gorgeous Saturday At Dumont

    Some great aerial shots by @agPhd on Instagram. Share your photos using #dumontduneriders
  20. 2018 holloween weekend

    It's always the last weekend of October.
  21. Dumont Dunes 2017/2018 Season Passes Available

    DUNE MART which sells in the dunes, 48’ trailer with the American flag on it will have passes for sale. They are suppose to be delivered to us on Thursday the 26th by Cecilia.
  22. Transmission Problem

    Thanks for all information, were going to take it to Underground Diesel , anywhere between $230 to drop the pan and check for shavings in the tranny oil and about $3500 to go thru the tranny . But we’ll get it done and add a bigger cooler to it for added piece of mind and should be done anyway
  23. 2018 holloween weekend

    I know this is a year out still but what weekend will holloween be celebrated next year 2018 with actual holloween falling on a Wednesday? I have to submit all my vacation I know I need for the whole 2018 year next month!
  24. Halloween weekend '17

    We will be there! Headed out Thursday night to Sunday night. First family trip with our new (to us) toy hauler. I'm making my way all the way from Indiana this year. Super excited!!!
  25. Rzr 1000 turbo or non turbo

    Honestly, you need to ask, and be honest with yourself about what you want out of whatever you buy. You can "get anywhere" in a lot of things. How fast do you want to get there, how comfy do you want the ride to be.. (suspension, travel) I drive a 15' xp1000 4 seater with a few things done to it. I am very happy with it, but I have to have the peddle on the floor all the time to dune the way I like to dune. I know myself and I wouldn't be happy with a 900. Would I enjoy a turbo more? Probably..I like to go fast. Know what you want out of your new toy, and buy the most you can afford. But no, you don't NEED a turbo at all.
  26. Sandrail insurance

    Thanks Pete. I will give him a shout.
  27. The Friends of Dumont Dunes in conjunction with the BLM Barstow Field Office are pleased to announce our 1st Annual Treasure Trunk or Treat! This is a huge effort to provide a safe and exciting trick or treat experience for all of the kids (and us big kids too!) during this Halloween season opener! Don't be shy! Get your costumes on, your OHVs decorated for display and don't forget to bring your own candy to pass out to the kiddos enjoying this event! You may end up winning one of the 5 different awards! Please help Friends of Dumont Dunes spread the word. Hope to see you all and make this a great turnout Saturday night of Halloween Weekend! Halloween Discussion
  28. Campfire Permits

    it only takes 5 minutes. I passed but my printer is acting up. it expires on 12/31/17 so you have to renew it again
  29. Sandrail insurance

    Call my guy and tell em I sent ya. I don't know how high they go, but they insure everything I ask them to. My sandcar insurance is a recreational vehicle policy. Mike Seifer Office, Allstate Talk to Ron Williams , He is the Sr Account Mgr 702-270-4500
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