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  2. Going to need a lot of post editing to get those tracks out of the sand.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Im heading to Sand Mtn this weekend. So there are still people riding up north....
  5. Brand new motor is in I'm taking it for a test drive this weekend in Glamis, also put a brand new Baja design 30 inch curved LED light bar and squadrons up front that aren't in these pictures yet 19000
  6. It's time to start reading the other dunes section... lol... I know I'll be posting another trip report from Little Sahara Dunes in Utah! Some of us dune all year long, it's just time to go north.
  7. Pretty cool stuff. Love seeing the production stuff out there! And that sand looks PERFECT! Why does it have to be so damn HOT!!!
  8. Last week
  9. The film crew guy tagged us on Instagram. I always love seeing the behind the scenes stuff.
  10. Hi guys, sorry but I had to move the video to here...
  11. Makes for a good teaser for a movie...... If thats what it was.... :-) IrnBear
  12. Nice find!! Great production without a story or any point to it but it was cool none the less.
  13. This was filmed out at Dumont. I don't know the story behind it all, but it's always cool to see our sandbox in vidoes.
  14. I was a little surprised at the result when voting had still been open. I don't get butt hurt easily so moved on, LOL. I appreciate the the catch. I really do like my Pic. The pic of the month is a pretty cool feature. I know it slows down in the non duning months. Thank you, Again, Hopefully I will get to meet some of you folks sometime. IrnBear
  15. Right on! I"ve been checking the classifieds to get ideas on my new car
  16. 2007 Rampage Wide Body 5th wheel bought "new" in 2010 used about 10 times - Heavy duty frame, Inside garage/cargo area is 8' X 14.2' to first cabinet Fresh Water: 162 - Gray Water: 40 - Black Water: 40 Dual A/C (13,500) units and furnace heat (25,000), water heater (6 gal) - LP Gas - Fully ventilated - 1 slide out in bedroom - Duel electric queen beds in garage area - Onan Marquis Gold 5500 Generator - 2 gas tanks w/Fuel Station - Kitchen with sink, stove top, oven, fridge, and microwave - Bathroom - Sink, Toilet and Full size shower - TV /DVD in rear AM/FM/CD/Aux (CD does not work, radio and aux do) - Detached Table , Dinette chairs fold into bed - Couch folds into bed - Front Bedroom with walk around room , large closet and storage, Newer 14' Awning used once - Outside Shower - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 14,400 pounds Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 9,700 pounds Carrying Capacity: 4,700 - Sleeps 7 adults + 2 kids easy - Current tags until Apr 2018 - Have all manuals - Most decals have been removed $15,000 Email: larry.tp@yahoo.com, or text 760 590 7422
  17. It appears I never locked this thread and IrnBear actually pulled ahead and took the win afterward Steve won so I will put his pic up as June DPOM.
  18. What do you mean? The classifieds are hoppin! Happens every summer. Nobody goes out to the dunes, therefore there's very little activity and new posts. We keep the lights on though. Also, social media has killed the general chat type discussion, even during the season. Not only here, but on many forums. Some sites haven't even survived. We still get plenty of traffic though. Most people just want to read, rather than post. Doesn't really help the situation.
  19. This forum seems not to have much activity... Or am I missing something?
  20. watched that yesterday that was a trip where they got to see the best money had to offer just wow
  21. With money, anything is possible! Nice video and a lot of HP on display.
  22. Talk about an amazing experience. Blake Wilkey and his bud Cory Coneen got the royal treatment visiting Qatar. This isn't a short video by an means so grab a drink, put it on full screen or even better, stream it to the big screen and crank it up. Pretty rad video!
  23. Earlier
  24. I have 5 - 2014 Jeep Wrangler 17 inch Mag Rims (NO tires, RIMS ONLY) for sale, removed from my Jeep when it was brand new. The rims have been kept in my garage and they are in Perfect condition.
  25. 2 - ITP Mud Lite X-T-R (Extreme Terrain Radials) - 6 ply front tires 27 x 9 x 14 2 - ITP Mud Lite X-T-R (Extreme Terrain Radials) - 6 ply rear tires 27 x 11 x 14 Always kept in shed No rims, tires ONLY
  26. Bump
  27. Hope to see you back out there next season. It's good you're staying busy, but sometimes you've gotta make fun and relax time a priority.
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