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  1. Dumont Halloween 2017

  2. Josh Hill sends it at Dumont

    crazy man!
  3. Dumont Halloween 2017

    boyfriend claims it was her first dune ride ever... not the best place to learn how to ride on a busy holiday weekend.
  4. Dumont Halloween 2017

    Hmm that's why I did. I just pasted the url... ahh well. Yes at 4:53 that girl bounced off my wheel. She was ok, the bike needed some attention though. That's Dumont on a holiday weekend. It's like a crash up derby. Thanks!
  5. Dumont Halloween 2017

    Dumont Dunes Halloween 2017 video is up
  6. Halloween 2017 weekend reports

    yep and only two food vendors...lol
  7. Halloween 2017 weekend reports

    more pics
  8. Halloween 2017 weekend reports

    Very nice trip stayed until monday. I was at comp on Friday night but Saturday the doggies were not feeling it so I skipped the Trunk or Treat. I liked the crowd reminded me of the the big boom Dumont had around the 2005/2010s. Truck did good, still needs way more horsepower.
  9. Dumont Halloween 2010

    Another re-upload of an old video. This time it's a party in Hell.
  10. President's Weekend 2016 pics and reports

    Love all the pics! I wanted to make it so bad I could already taste the sand but my truck was giving me trouble.
  11. Fatal accident on Banshee Hill, Prez Weekend

    True warrior. Sorry for your loss.
  12. Four Stroke Wars 1-16-2010

    Ha Casey did a great job that day, my bike launches so weird compared to others. It was making good power that day but a little too much timing caused it to nearly split the engine in half... lol. There were very good times but I am trying hard to NOT get back into it. Racing is a money pit!
  13. Four Stroke Wars 1-16-2010

    More ghosts from my past that you guys might enjoy.
  14. 2 Stroke Wars Feb 2006

    One of the last 2 Stroke Wars before they got banned from Dumont. Some people called it Banshee Wars.