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    2016 Chevy 3500HD 4x4 Crew Cab Diesel
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    Prowler Sand Sprite IV mid engine rail.....1835cc VW
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  1. Prowler Sand-Sprite IV mid-engine 2 seat sandrail

    It actually is! I still remember almost being done with a rear engine rail and a friend called and said he knew of a guy with a mid-engine frame, so I started over. Glad I did. I met some good people because of this sandrail. Randog was one of them! If I had a bigger garage I'd keep it around.
  2. Will quads be phased out by side x sides?

    We've sold off our quads just recently like most others have mentioned. I'm trying to sell the low-travel sandrail now to upgrade to a side-by-side. When they first came out I was unimpressed, but now they've developed into something nice. We'll get more year round riding in with the side-by-side. Sand, desert and trail riding will be a viable option for us.
  3. Prowler Sand-Sprite IV mid-engine 2 seat sandrail

    The suspension seats help, but nothing beats more travel! It's actually fairly comfortable.
  4. Prowler Sand-Sprite IV mid-engine 2 seat sandrail - $3,000 Balanced 1835cc VW motor with dual 40 mm weber carbs; aluminum block with super cool tins Electronic ignition High-torque starter High volume oil pump with external oil filter Bosch 12v alternator Sand sealed pulley Rancho close ratio swing axle transmission with heavy duty side plate; Kennedy clutch Prowler mid-engine shifter package Marvin-Shaw coil over shocks - nitrogen filled; rear Paddles are fairly new on Douglas blue label aluminum rims Includes rear off road tires for trailering Aluminum front beam Spindle mount front smoothies Rear disk brakes CNC pedal assembly with CNC adjustable plate; Morse throttle cable CNC Turning/cutting brake- single lever Hard brake lines with braided steel lines Rack & pinion steering Removable steering wheel Beard lil' sportster suspension seats Crow 5-point harnesses Lights: 2 KC hid's, 2 4" halogens, and rear brake lights with sealed switches Fold down whip with lighted socket for bulb/led wired to control panel Gel-cell race battery Very nimble and lots of fun. I need garage space for new adventures. Receipts for most everything. **Has been sitting and needs polish, paint, and engine refresh (top end?)
  5. Horrible news. We lost a very good person

    RIP Bert. One if the most warm hearted guys I've ever met. Since the first day I met him I always felt like I've known him forever...he was that easy to talk to.
  6. MLK weekend who is going?

    We were between nas6car and bathroom 5. We had a great time....and there was hardly anyone there. Just like an off weekend!
  7. Veterans Day

    Yes. It's been awhile. Looking forward to the dunes after joining "Club Titanium" 3 years ago. FYI - I called the Barstow BLM office and the "BLM Free Days" do not apply to Dumont. Perhaps Dumont fits into the overnight camping category. I don't know.
  8. Veterans Day

    Thank you very much!!
  9. Veterans Day

    Is this true? Can anyone verify? I'll be out for the first time in a while.
  10. Is it Duneing or Duning?

    According to an urban dictionary site...there is a big difference between duning and duneing: http://www.urbandict...php?term=duning or http://www.urbandict...hp?term=duneing
  11. more and more VW's out in the dunes

    You got that right. I've been running my little sandsprite 6 for almost 7 seasons now and it isn't cheap, but it was paid for before it hit the sand. I keep dreaming about the upgrade to a nice mid-engine 2 seat LT like Randogs or yours, however, life keeps getting in the way. Every dog has his day though...and until then I'll be cruisin' my little 2 seater in style with a grin from ear to ear. I love watching the big rails run...and it'll be nice to have more company if there are more VW's.
  12. Fatality at Dumont on 3-18-11

    I hope all that are affected can find comfort and peace during these difficult times. RIP
  13. New SCU custom build super sized for me

    Congrats Bert! I'm happy for ya mang.
  14. Randog's Cargo to Toyhauler build

    Dang Dog!!! He's moved on to more precise fab work, or has been doing the machine work all along. Can't be sure, but everything I've seen him fab has been nice. :smoker: