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  • Dumont Conditions

    Live updates from Dumont Dunes including the weather and conditions. If you're out at Dumont, click "add new report" and tell us how it is!

    Friday Morning Clean Up Weekend

    Overall conditions: great
    There's a pretty decent amount of people out here for clean up weekend. 
    This is the only weekend I can get excited about crowds!
    It's cool and cloudy with a gentle breeze.

    March 4Th 2021

    Overall conditions: epic!
    Drove in yesterday evening around 6pm.
    The water is getting high over the concrete due to people blocking off a large pool right next to it so I'm gonna bring a shovel over later and fix it so it flows again and the road doesn't wash away.**
    **I've been informed the BLM made the pool so I will leave it alone**
    There are maybe 7 rigs out here total right now.
    It's a beautiful day!! Maybe 6mph breeze, sunny, and nice at 9:30am.  
    Last night was extremely windy so the dunes look crazy sharp.  Check out the pics!

    The W And Virgin Dunes

    Overall conditions: good
    I had jacked up my wrist last weekend. I made an attempt to ride, but was smart enough to know that I didn't have the strength in my right wrist to keep control of my X3, so I limped myself back to camp while everyone else went on.
    I chilled, made myself a bloody mary and prepped lunch and dinner. First time doing a seafood boil! Turned out fantastic!
    It was breezy and the dune conditions were pristine and fresh tracks being laid down in virgin sand. The dunes are on the move again. They are completely different from the last time we were out on MLK. Shelves and witches eyes, holes and ditches. Super sharp razor backs. Summer sand.
    The W picked up later in the day and some stayed in camp playing cards and some said screw it were going out anyway.
    The full moon and drifting sand made for an erie and beautiful scene last night, while taking the pups out for a before bed walk.
    It's now morning and it hasn't stopped blowing... From my motorhome window it looks rippled and trackless and I can hear someone on a dirt bike enjoying a morning ride.


    After The Masses Have Called The Season Over

    Overall conditions: great
    Its a beautiful slightly breezy Saturday morning. Up before the sunrise. 
    The W blew a little last night, making for smooth rippley dunes this morning.
    Chilling in camp, breakfast and coffee done, getting a jump start on homework for next week, while I wait for the first ride of the day.
    The sun is out in a beautiful blue sky.

    Dumont Cherry Popped

    Overall conditions: epic!
    First post and First trip to Dumont... Knocking it all out at once.
    I want to give a huge shout out to everyone who has posted on this forum. I felt like I've been camping out there my whole life with the info I've been able to get from this forum. 
    With Ocotillo being closed I needed a new desert home. Never been much of a duner but I am a complete convert now. After moving to Vegas from SoCal several years ago I'm kicking myself for continually making the haul down south when I had this slice of heaven only 2 hours away.
    Took the Wife and son out from Wed the 16th to the 20th. Few people out camping. Weather was absolutely beautiful. It being my first trip to Dumont I don't have much to compare to but coming from Johnson Valley and Ocotillo camping it was heaven. Woke up Thursday to some nice clouds which opened up to beautiful skies. A little breezy on Thursday but that was the only day worth noting the wind.
    Sand was smooth as glass and provided for an amazing first experience. Can't wait to get back out in a couple of weeks.
    I look forward to many many many more trips in the near future.
    Sorry no riding pics though... I couldn't think about anything besides how much fun I was having.

    Superbowl Weekend

    Overall conditions: epic!
    We arrived on Thursday night to dark dunes and a light breeze. Friday morning brought smooth buttery dunes and fast dune runs. 
    Lots of drop offs and shelves. 
    There are a few groups out this weekend, laying down some good tracks. 
    Fresh ripples all over with no tracks at all.

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