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  2. Oh hey Pete, yea all is well. Oh my gosh, i remember the days when you could get a roller for 80 bux..them days are long gone..haha But yes if you could do your magic with the account that would be awesome.. As always Mahalos and Alohas..
  3. What up Joey! Long time no see for sure. Good to hear from you. Seems these ATCs are getting harder and harder to find for cheap, but I'll keep my eyes open for ya. BTW, do want me to merge this new account with your old one but keep your new name and password?
  4. Sup everyone, long time no see. Hope all is well, so son is 10 and cant stop riding MY 70.. its time he has his own, so i need your help finding one for a father and son build..if you have any leads hit me up. 7022490756. Lmk what you got.. Thnx guys.. Alohas
  5. Yesterday
  6. Thanks There were 2 reported to our Facebook page on Saturday. I told them to post them here on the Lost/Found section but they didn't. I don't think people understand that nobody sees posts to a page on FB. FB doesn't even let me share those posts to our feed anymore. Just another reason to hate FB.
  7. Great pics and writeup. Sad we had to miss it. I wonder how many phones the cleanup crew found!
  8. Last week
  9. Any others or are we ready to vote?
  10. As another season comes to a close, volunteers joined forces with the BLM to make Dumont a cleaner place. Friends of Dumont Dunes president, Jason Ardenski, recently injured his knee and was unable to put in his usual hard work and amazing efforts. It was looking like the cleanup event might not even happen this year until a few key people stepped in. FoDD Vice president, Heather N Siders, and Jimmy Lynn of Lynn Construction catered lunch for everyone who came out. The Barstow BLM made sure there was a large dumpster as well as trash bags, gloves, and the usual items needed to clean up. 130 volunteers signed up to help clean up the dunes. While the dunes seemed to be a bit cleaner this year, some of the camps and high traffic areas became much less littered with debris and a good haul of trash was brought in. A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved this year.
  11. We got in on Thursday night. Friday started as a relaxing day in the sun, riding the ATC70's all over the place. Then it was time for a buggy run. We met Theron, Gary, and Greg at the South Pole and left from there. We probably should had gone out earlier. The shadows were short and the dunes were extremely bright! We headed back and played on the 70's some more. haha Once Ben arrived we headed back out. The dunes have already started shifting from the recent spring winds. I chose a line along a ridge that I have taken several times before and came up on quite the surprise. There was a HUGE hole/ trench along the dune. I slammed on the brakes, drove right into it, and kissed the nose of the car on the backside of the hole. We managed to hit it rather softly, but if we came ripping any faster and I didn't hit the brakes, it would have been ugly. I took a couple pics from multiple angles to try and show how big it was. Back at camp... On our earlier ATC ride, dentboy lost his phone. Using his wife's phone to track it, we found it laying in the sand. Watching the hockey game Friday night Saturday...cleanup day. BLM and FoDD got 130 volunteers. Jimmy & Heather did a great job with lunch and the event was successful. Many thanks to everyone who helped volunteer. Some drone pics by Ben The Saturday dune run was great. We had a nice, big group. Anna and I drove out to check out the work on the cell tower. Many cement trucks were coming in. They were running loads of cement up to the top of the hill with loaders. Then @EY3BA11 and I took the two wheelers out. The sand was nice and felt to rip around. Back at camp...lazy time! Then more duning! Then on the way back, @rick10 had an unfortunate accident and rolled. With a little help from everyone in the group, we managed to get him back after the left front wheel broke off. Luckily he wasn't injured and he ended up being in good spirits after the initial shock wore off. Then just as we got back to camp, we got word that ANOTHER one in our group rolled the next dune over. wtf! When we got back to camp, we saw the helicopter fly over and a CHP & ambulance along the finger dune. Apparently a little earlier, a kid came up short while airing it on out on a dirtbike and broke his ankles and femur. Ouch! There were some dune gremlins out that afternoon for sure! We had some dinner and watched Supercross was a super lazy day. We enjoyed the nice warm weather, packed it up for the season and headed home. out Dumont! See ya in October.
  12. Not very bust and weather is usually good though Easter is later than usual this year. Spring is a great time, just bring some shade and know it tends to be a bit more windy at times as it heats up out there.
  13. Hello all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I do check for info frequently. I have never been to Dumont anytime after March and I was wondering g if it is at all busy in April including Easter weekend? I missed presidents weekend this year due to the weather with having to bring my 1 year old daughter. I’m itching bad. Once last trip.
  14. Working on it right now. DDR homework
  15. Heading to So Cal the 22nd/23rd. If buying both (see below), then I'll bring them down there. TPD Vortech trailer is $8k if buying the buggy (only if buying the buggy). Model CV820T with the optional Z tongue. However, mine has the heavier axles so GVWR is 9995#, as opposed to 7500#. The factory listed tires were the limiting factor for a GVWR of 9995#. I have Maxxis M8008 tires on it (10 ply) and they have a combined max capacity of 11,320#, not that you'd ever need it, but nice to know it's there. If someone down LA way wants both, and has pd in full (cleared), then I will bring and deliver (along I-5) for free. Trailer has workbench, built-in tool chest, over head cabinets, and an alumn oil cabinet (pit Posse if I recall). Holds my buggy and has held a Ferarri, CRV , Outback, etc. Not too big and not too small. Airline track, lots of rings, 5 motorcycle chocks (that fit into the airline track). Dual batts. These are high end composite trailers. You can pressure wash out the inside as well as have a party on the roof (or use it as an observation platform). Please check out TPD's site and see what this model has sold for used (and mine is way nicer). As far as the buggy, it's well-chrono'd above, No surprises. And finally, if not sold by April, I'm willing to part out. However, the chassis must sell first: Chassis, full floor, rear arms set up for 930 mids, orig (wide) dual sport arms, HD (narrower) dual sport arms, Kartek 2" Spindles/uprights, Kartek tie rods (for narrower arms), new FK heims and a good number of extra heims included as well. $7k firm. Thanks.
  16. just looked for a replacement Tiki it is about $450 will keep a eye out for one on las vegas craigslist one 5' 200lbs for $300
  17. I do have another one, but it has a wire harness with it, I can send you the link and you can call Paul, this motor that paul has is a 402 New Pistons New bearings the motor listed was used above https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?/forums/topic/362527-402-stroker-ls2-na-or-turbo/
  18. 2007 Custom Built $130,000.00 Desert Dynamics Dual Sport Sand Rail Car. Excellent condition, fully custom built with all the upgrades! Base price of car was $76,000, plus just some of the following upgrades... Optional 17" wheels with color bead locks Optional S4S Mendeola Transmission Optional GPS 7" System Optional Fox Chrome Shocks +3 Bypass each Optional 4 HID Driving Lights 4" Optional 383 Stroker Motor by CBM-600+HP/Dino 521HP ground @ CBM Optional Cargo Rack Optional Car to Car +4 Seats Radios Optional XM Satellite Radio-iPod System Optional All Fiberglass body & windshield Optional Adjustable passenger seat & tilt steering shift Optional Rear Dust Cover Optional Fuel Cell Optional Custom Gauges, Breakers & switch system Optional Paddle Shifter to S4S + guages for gears Optional Extra Large Seats Custom Leather & Heaters Less than 100 hours on car, one owner, never wrecked, raced or abused. Just serviced, new batteries & ready to hit the sand! Amazing Car & Like New!! Text or call Andy 209-605-0970 for more info or to get a video of the car running. $70,000.00 OBO
  19. For Sale is my 2010 Hotrails Sandcar 4-seater with Honda 3.5L Vortec turbocharged. Mendeola 4-speed. I have a 29' trailer that I will sell with or without. Trailer holds 2 Yamaha Banshees, toolboxes, 18 fuel jugs, the sandrail, and has a Makita electric start 5000 watt generator mounted in front. Looking to get $25000 for sandrail or $30,000 with trailer.
  20. Polaris Rzr 1000. Custom cage. 2 light bars. Newer 32x15 fuel rims tensor tires. Stage 4 Fosgate stereo system with second battery. 5150 whips. Stock seats with pass through 4 point harnesses. Have stock tires and 28” paddles tires front and rear included. Has 125 hours with 2440 miles. 3 years left on extended warranty.
  21. I think I saw the shape of a cell building on a hill. No tower yet
  22. Dunes changed a lot. There's kind of a ridge at the top of computer on the rightish side.
  23. Heading that way now! Get a full day of riding before the clean up begins!
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      Lost Iphone 8 plus on sunday Feb 17th.It has a marble case on it .It has a rafiki(monkey) screen saver.If found please contact.Thank you!
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      kick start pull handle.pdf
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